Wednesday, May 9, 2012

small things {zig zag}

small things #24 ... zig zag

I took the wrong road.  Not the wrong road in the sense that we were lost, but in the sense that I shouldn't have turned left into all the construction.  I should have turned at the next light.  Oops.

As I merged into the long line of slow moving cars, all waiting their turn to navigate the orange cones, flashing lights, excaGRATEors (as my baby boy used to call them) and workers in reflective vests and neon hard hats, Lydia piped up from the back.

"What's this?!" she said with great awe and astonishment.

"Oh.  It's construction.  They are fixing something with the road.  What a mess, huh?"

My blinker clicked as we waited for our turn in the next lane.

"How are we ever going to get outta here?"

"Well ... we're just going to zig zag our way through this silliness."

The man with the stop sign turned toward our line of cars and began to wave us through the intersection.

"Zig.  Zag.  Zig.  Zag.", she whispered from her seat in the back, "Zig.  Zag."

I smiled as she let the zzzz's and gggg's roll around in her mouth.  Feeling for the first time how that little phrase felt on her toddler tongue.

"Zig.  Zag.  I like that."

Zig Zag ... another reminder of all that Lydia has to learn and the wonder of the world of words that gently beckons her.  

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