Tuesday, May 22, 2012

small things {sit-n-spin}

small things #33 ... sit-n-spin

I always wanted a Sit-n-Spin.  As a kid, I lamented the lack of a Sit-n-Spin in our home.  In fact, the story goes that as a youngster, when gifted a See-n-Say, I celebrated, sat and sproinged the spinner.  Proof that a See-n-Say does not substitute well for a Sit-n-Spin.

As an advocate for spinning, I made sure that we had a Sit-n-Spin for our kids.  And we have now been the proud owner of two.  The first was great until some little person tried to sit-n-spin with it turned upside down.  Oops.  The second is still sitting and still spinning.

Just the other day, Lydia renewed her love of sitting and spinning, bringing the Playskool spinner up to the family room from it's banishment to the basement.  At first she was insistent about helping Baby S to sit and spin, but upon realizing that Baby S didn't want to sit or spin, she let her go.  Now she happily totes the spinner from room to room and sits and spins to her heart's delight.

Most recently under the kitchen table.

She sits cross-legged with her little chubby calves pressed agains the post of the Sit-n-Spin.  She grips the disc with both hands and by some strange three-year old intuition, pulls in the opposite direction to start up her momentum.  She giggles.  She laughs.  She leans in toward the center in a tight ball.  She stops and looks up at me with a dizzy grin.

Her glazed eyes tick, tick, tick back and forth.  Attempting to stop the world from spinning.

Yep.  I always wanted a Sit-n-Spin.  But now I get dizzy just watching my baby.

Sit-n-Spin ... a childhood memory that is best left in my childhood.  My inner ear can't handle it.


  1. She IS a amazing on that thing!

  2. Just remembered something for your -isms...something about a 'bleedy' hahaha


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