Wednesday, May 23, 2012

small things {keedjing)

small things #34 ... keedjing

She's saying something, but I can make the letters come together.

She's insistent, but as I repeat what I think I'm hearing, her frustration grows.

She's serious now.  She had pulled a prank and she had wanted me to laugh.

I didn't.

But only because I didn't know she was keedjing.

Kidding.  Joking.  Teasing.  All wrapped up in one Liddy-ism.

When she put her sticky fingers in my iced tea to fish out an ice cube, she was only keedjing.

When she stuck her stinky feet in Baby S's lap, she was only keedjing.

When she refused to pick up her puzzle pieces because, "she didn't know how", she was only keedjing.

Ahh.  Of course.  That makes it all better!

Keedjing ... Lydia's excuse for silly and sometimes inexcusable behavior.  
I guess I need to remember to laugh.


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