Friday, May 4, 2012

small things {finale}

small things #21 ... finale

In the last two weeks I ...

Finished the last Art Heritage presentations in my kids' classes,

Wrapped up the last MOPS newsletter,

Celebrated the final MOPS meeting of this year,

Executed the final Spring purge of the girls' rooms resulting in two bags of trash (not treasures...trash), and 

Concluded the kids' parent/teacher conferences for the school year.

It feels great to have closure to many months of busy-ness and responsibility.  Just in time to jump into the whirlwind of summer vacation!

May - Spring's grand finale.  Summer cometh!

Finale ... the end of school silliness. Preparing for the encore of summer insanity! 


  1. I am SO ready for summer. A few months of not pushing my kids to get their homework done -- sounds like bliss!

    Adorable picture, by the way.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  2. I love Summer....awww vacation...not always as relaxing as it should be. You sound pretty worn down. Here's to hoping you will have some moments of non-busyness in your life. Miss you already my friend.

  3. You sound like one busy mama! I would be happy if I just finished one item on that list!


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