Friday, May 11, 2012

small things {cocoon}

small things #26 ... cocoon

Ashley had been waiting expectantly for her package to arrive.  Ever since we had sent off the envelope with our caterpillar request form, she had asked on a daily basis if it was the first of May yet.

"Nope.  It's April 16th.  We have a little bit longer to wait."

And so it was with unbridled enthusiasm that she bolted through the front door with her little white box clutched in her hands.

"It came!  They're here!  They're here!"

We peered at the five little fuzzy fellows as they moseyed about their plastic cup - eating the brown sludge on the bottom of the container, spinning fine webs to aid in their travels around their miniature world and periodically poking their little heads around the holes in the lid.

"Mom!  Mom!  They're hanging from the top.  All of them.   They did it!"

Upon closer inspection one afternoon, we discovered that our little buddies had indeed moved on to their next stage of life ... the chrysalis.  Five little cocoons sewn to the lid of their home.  We gently (and with no small amount of trepidation) transferred them to the netted butterfly garden.

"How long until they're butterflies?  How long until we get to feed them the sugar water?"

We are waiting.  Still waiting.  Waiting for the first wiggling and winged wonder to appear.

Cocoon ... a lesson in patience.  And God's power to transform.

Goodbye wriggling.  Hello fluttering, flying, freedom!

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  1. I have been a cocoon so to speak plenty of times, but I am so glad for it. Love your post. I found a real Chrysalis one time on the playground at the school where I worked as a Kindergarten Assistant. The kids loved asking me questions about it and the colors were beautiful plus it was shiny. Don't you just love kid's enthusiasm for these things...wait, I still do too. So glad to have two boys to share in this with.


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