Tuesday, May 15, 2012

small things {names}

small things #27 ... names

As a three-year old, it is rather daunting to keep all the people and names straight.  Her world may still be quite small, but it's chock-ful of people, pets and places ... all with specific names.

(In all honesty, I struggle with the same problem.  Even with my thirty-four year advantage!)

Here are a few challenging conundrums she has faced recently:


I was talking to her about our neighbor across the street, Miss Rebecca.  She piped up that her cousin is also called Rebekah.

"That's right, honey.  A big Rebecca and a little Rebekah."

Imagine her surprise a few days later when I left a voice-mail message for yet another Rebecca.

"Mom!  That's three Rebekah's!  So many Rebekahs!"


This past week, we had the pleasure of meeting Baby S's grandparents.  On this particular morning, they enjoyed a little extended time with their grand-baby before bringing her to our house.  I told Lydia that the grandma & grandpa would be delivering her buddy later in the morning.  When they arrived, Lydia boisterously declared, "Grammy & Gramps are here!  Grammy & Gramps are here!"  To her painful disappointment, she quickly discovered that her Grammy & Gramps were in fact not here ... just Baby S's.


And finally, one of our neighbors has been hard at work for he past several weeks pulling up his old yard and preparing for new sod.  Several times a day on our way to and from school, we walk past Mr. Woody digging, trenching and raking in his front yard.  We are also greeted several times a day by his dog, Chauncey.  One says, "Hello," and the other barks.  Loudly.  One afternoon, we passed the construction site again and Lydia remarked, "Mr. Chauncey is working hard."

I corrected her.  "Honey, that's Mr. Woody. Chauncey is the dog."

Without skipping a beat she declared, "That Chauncey barks too much."


Names ... so hard to keep track of, but essential to knowing what's going on!

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