Monday, May 7, 2012

small things {possums}

small things #22 ... possums

The poor girl sneezes constantly.  And when she's not sneezing, she's dabbing her eyes with a rumpled tissue.  Or blowing her running-out-of-control nose.  

"Are you okay, honey?"

...sniff, snuffle, snort... "Yeah."

Allergies.  Such a drag.

Fortunately, she seems to do well on her allergy meds.  At least there's a little less sneezing, dabbing and sniffling.  We know this season of snuffling won't last forever, but Ashley will be so relieved when she can get dressed in the morning and not wonder where to stuff her stash of tissues.

However, even with her understanding that wind = increased sneezing + itching eyes, the terminology is still a little foggy for my little girl.  For example, I recently had this conversation with my LeLe.

We pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store last week and saw the dark storm clouds rolling over the Monument.  There was certainly a storm brewing to the west.

"Hmmm ... we better hurry up and run in quickly.  We don't want to get caught in that storm."

"Do you think it will rain, Mommy?"

"It sure looks like it."

"Good.  Maybe all that rain will knock the possums out of the trees."


"Uhm.  What was that?"

"You know, the possums.  If the rain knocks the possums out of the tree, I won't have my allergies."

"Ah.  Gotcha."

Those pesky possums.

I didn't correct her.  The imagery of sodden possums laying in wet heaps waving white flags of surrender was just too funny.

Possums ... the source of LeLe's sneezes and sniffles and the source of a much needed giggle for me.

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