Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Kellums!

It’s been another year of firsts and lasts, bests and leasts! While it would be entirely possible to fill several pages with our highlights (and a few lowlights), we thought it would be a little more fun to present you with a quiz. 

Ready, Set...What Do You KNOW?!!

Connect the Kellum with the Correct Answer:

#1 -- Favorite Meal/Food:

a. Pizza on the Grill (and an impromptu peach crisp when the oven was on the fritz)
b. Tacos, Burritos, Carnitas, Tostadas...anything with guacamole
c. Thanksgiving Meal with all the family
d. Any dinner on the back patio of our new house
e. Noodles with white sauce
f. Saturday night pizza, specifically Margherita

(How did you do? Are you hungry now?)

#2 -- First Time Experience:

a. 1st season of competing in gymnastics
b. 1st time with all the kids in school -- and 3 hours to breathe
c. 1st time learning to play the clarinet
d. 1st time to take one day to decide to buy a house
e. 1st time going to school
f. 1st time to be a middle schooler

(Okay...that was an easy one. The next one will be tougher.)

#3 -- Favorite Book:

a. The Giver Quartet 
b. Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business
c. Sahara...and all things Clive Cussler
d. Harry Potter #7
e. Any Judy Moody
f. The IIA’s CIA Learning System - Sections 1 & 2

(Hmmm...did you guess right?)

#4 -- Favorite Family Memory:

a. Going to Water World and riding an inner tube with cousins
b. Seeing “Tarzan” at the Arvada Center
c. Moving into our new house
d. Making it to the tippy top of Mt. Sanitas
e. Trip to Casa Bonita
f. A day at Elitch’s...roller coasters rule!

(In all honesty, you could have selected any one of us for any of those terrific experiences! )
(Okay...last question. This one is for the big money!)

#5 -- Biggest Challenge of the Year:

a. Doing math and the monkey bars at school
b. Finding balance in the midst of a full life
c. New gymnastic skills (round-off, back-handspring, back-tuck, oh my!)
d. Making new friends
e. Adjusting to more homework
f. Starting yet another new school (3rd school in 3 years) did you do? How well has email and FaceBook kept you in the loop of our fun-filled and loopy lives? We certainly look back over the year and marvel at where we started and where we’ve ended up. Through all the ups and downs and ins and outs of 2014, while we might have felt at times that we were taking a quiz we weren’t quite prepared for, God proved Himself, again, to be faithful and to know the answers to our every question. What a good and gracious God to take refuge in!

We hope that you, too, can look back over your year and see the ways that God stretched you, met you in the midst of bumps and bruises and how He sheltered you and shepherded you along. We’d love to hear all about it! Drop us a line, send us a postcard, shoot us an email, give us a call...or better yet, come for a visit!

May you experience the gift of God’s presence in your heart this holiday season!

With Much Love,

The Kellums

#1:  a-Brett, b-Aaron, c-Ashley, d-Morgan, e-Lydia, f-Norah  #2:  a-Ashley, b-Morgan, c-Norah, d-Brett, e-Lydia, f-Aaron
#3:  a-Morgan, b-Lydia, c-Aaron, d-Norah, e-Ashley, f-Brett  #4:  a-Lydia, b-Brett, c-Aaron, d-Morgan, e-Norah, f-Ashley
#5:  a-Lydia, b-Brett, c-Norah, d-Morgan, e-Aaron, f-Ashley