Thursday, May 10, 2012

small things {courage}

small things #25 ... courage

Standing in the dusty wood chips with one hand resting on my round belly and the other shading my eyes, I peered up at the top of the playground stairs.  Waaaay up at the top, my little fellow perched on the highest stair and looked down at Nana and me through the blue bars.

He looked back and forth between me and the top of the twisty slide.  He had gotten himself that far, but he still looked unsure of himself.  This was by far his highest slide to tackle in all of his 14 short months of adventuring.

The words were on the tip of my tongue.  Be careful.

And that's when my mom spoke up.  Wise words soothing my mommy-heart.

"Don't pass your fears on to him."

It is so easy as a mom to guard and protect our babies from the experiences in life that bring us fear (heights being one of mine!), but which to them pose only a challenge or obstacle to overcome.  Instead, we are wise to teach them caution and awareness while still encouraging them to face new experiences with excitement and courage.

Those six words have echoed back in my heart for the past nine years ...

... look at you climb that rock wall!  Be brave, little man - how much higher can you go?

... performing your floor routine in front of the crowd is thrilling.  You can do it, little cartwheeling star! 

... the first of school is exciting.  Be courageous today ... and seek out someone to whom you can be a friend.

... new foods are an adventure.  Such bravery in eating all those brussels sprouts!

... writing is in your blood.  Have courage and get busy!

God knows the seemingly unending list of fears that I hide in my heart and only God can help me to stem the tide of sharing those worries with my kids.  Be it a fear of creaky, night noises or the anxiety of stepping in front of a crowd to speak, I want stir up bravery in the hearts of my children.

Remembering back to that afternoon at the park, the proud smile on my boy's face as he popped out the end of the tall, twisty slide is all the encouragement I need to remember to stifle my own anxieties and cheer my kiddos on to be courageous!

Thanks, Mom, for your simple words of wisdom!  Smooches!

Courage ... taking on challenges with confidence.  And a lavish dose of encouragement from Mom. 


Prompt #2 ~Share a lesson you learned from your Mom that sticks with you today.

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  1. Those little toes... oh my goodness :) Beautifully written

  2. thank you xoxox

    my work is done.......hahahaha : )

  3. What good advice your mom gave you!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Ah it's so true! I never really thought of it that way until now. Thank you mom for the wise words and thank YOU for passing them along!


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