Wednesday, May 30, 2012

small things {routines}

small things #38 ... routines

We jumped this week into Summer.  Actually it was more of a heedless dive ... headfirst and without our water-wings!

What fun it is to change up our schedules and enjoy mornings that start at eight o'clock instead of six-forty-five.  
What a delight it is to eat meals, piled around the kitchen table, but only when we're hungry.
What a wonderful change to have gymnastics in the afternoons and dinner before the kids get weird.

But what craziness would ensue if we were to throw all of our routines to the wind!

For my own sanity, we need to have much of our same daily schedule with some summer fun thrown it for good measure.  If you are like me, perhaps some of these ideas will give you some inspiration to keep up your routines and add in some school silliness to keep their brains supple.

This summer we will continue to have daily (and mandatory) quiet time in the afternoon.  For one hour a day the kids will have an opportunity to read, journal or do other quiet activities.  This is also Mommy's hour - my time for writing, reading my Bible and recharging my batteries. (This is more for me than for them ... but ultimately it's for the them because I will be nicer!)

On Mondays the kids will participate in correspondence.  They will each have the chance to send out three letters, postcards or notes to friends and family.  Not email ... good ol' fashioned snail-mail.  Hopefully this will be a fun way for them to share their summer activities with loved ones and maybe get some fun mail in return.  (hint, hint!)

On Wednesdays we will be having a fun game day, reminiscent of our Spring Break Game Day.  Check back here during the summer for our games of the week and our reviews ...  what did we like and what flopped?

On Fridays we will be exploring a variety of artists.  After a bit of studying and research, we will have a chance to try out our own artsy hands in the methods and manners of each artist.  A fun challenge to create beauty in ways we haven't done before.

Finally, the kids will be studying the US of A this summer and touring the states via our new ginormous wall map.  We'll be learning the capitals and locations of the states ... and any other interesting facts along the way.  Each morning, the kids will have to follow the clues to find their new capital and then fill in a fun workbook with facts about that state.

It promises to be a fun-filled summer ... and I can guarantee that we won't be bored!

Routines ... boundaries that help to make our days go 'round while still providing time for adventure!

In light of our summer schedule being a tad bit wonky-doodle, you can expect posts here at Snapshots to be a little sporadic, spasmodic, erratic and unpredictable.  In an effort to depressurize, I am releasing myself to post when I can and maybe even focus on another writing project I have brewing.  Like I told Brett just the other day ... it'll never get published if I don't actually write it!  So wish me luck ... and enjoy your summer! ... I'm sure I'll be around. :)


  1. We'd love to take part in a few game days! Let us know when you want to have us around!

  2. I like your scheduling, I feel like I have so many ideas for when my daughter is older (she's two months old) and when we have more. Good luck on your writing project, I myself am working on a little writing project too (writing a little book for my daughter). Came by your way of SITS and plan on stopping by more. :)

  3. me too! pick me, pick me!!! : )


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