Thursday, May 24, 2012

small things {slow mornings}

small things #35 ... slow mornings

Today is Aaron's last day as a fourth grader.  
Today is Norah's last day as a third grader.  
And today is Ashley's last day as a wee kindergartener.

Tomorrow morning when we wake up, we aren't going anywhere.  At all.

We will stay in our pj's.  We will mosey through our breakfast.  We will watch 8:50 tick across the clock and laugh about being "late to school".  We will opt to stay in our favorite comfies for the day.  We will ponder what movie to watch and pop some popcorn.  We will eventually have lunch.  We will possibly consider a trip to the store.  Or not.  We will play a game.  Or two. We will snuggle and read a bit.

In the afternoon we will have to head out for Norah's gymnastics class, but then it's out to dinner and home again.  To return to pj's, family time and just hanging out.

Could you hear my sigh?  It went a little something like ... 
aaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaa ... uhhhhhhaaaaahhhhh.

Slow mornings ... what I love most about summer vacation.


#5 - What about school do you miss the least?  The hustling, bustling, tussling to get out the door by 8:30.  With smiles on our faces.

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  1. Ahh, the joys of bring a SAHM. Im jealous!

  2. Great Mama Kat post. True treasure...slow mornings. Found you at SITS.

  3. As a mother that was always my favorite part of school ending--getting to keep my kids home all day and the end of the routine. As a grandma I miss school being in session because I actually see the grandchildren less during the summer. But it is also nice to have a break from babysitting and have time to catch up on some things. Thanks for stopping by today. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  4. I am so glad you get a wonderful summer deserve it for working so hard for so many people including your beautiful kids! Last time I saw you, I could tell that you were ready to be done with MOPS stuff, school stuff and all that goes with that...missing you though my favorite blog buddy!

  5. I agree! Summer break means relaxed mornings, afternoons, and evenings!

  6. Great post. For me, summer break is doubly necessary - I work in a school, so it's not only the kids who get to kick back from their routine! Can't come soon enough...


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