Monday, March 26, 2012

Well Fed

This weekend, I got to spend quality time with some of my favorite ladies.

Sitting with my mom, a creamy and sweet cup of coffee in my hands while still in my pj's.  Time to be heard with no interruptions; no need to start and restart and start and restart the same thought.  Time to laugh at the funny (and not so funny) aspects of being a mom.  Time to be encouraged.  My heart was filled.

Working side-by-side in the kitchen with my sister.  Laughing and reminiscing about middle school fashion shows and awkward moments.  Chopping veggies and snitching baby green asparagus pieces.  Marveling at the intoxicating smells of the dish she is preparing.    My stomach was filled.

Squawking along with Sara Groves in the car.  Three hours all told; just the two of us driving along in the car.  Hearing her words speak the stilted stutters of my heart ... again.   A few brief tears, a smattering of goose bumps, a renewed spirit.  My soul was filled.

Yes, I ran away for the weekend, but this time not out of desperation.  This was intentional.  This was planned weeks ago.  It was, of course, choreographed by God.  After my previous tear-filled flight to Montrose, I have been trying to be more intentional about giving myself some breaks.  Choosing to be purposeful in not filling my proverbial plate has been a blessing.  For me and my family.

Besides trying to deliberately minimize the commitments I say, "Yes", to, I have also begun a beautiful tradition of a Sabbath week.  It looks a little like this ...

I highlight the week on the kitchen calendar, declaring this week off-limits for chaos.

No extra errands.
No play dates.
No meetings.
No doctor's appointments.

I stay home.

I look a project in the eyes and tackle it.  All the way to the miraculous end.
I sit on the floor and play Candyland.  And then maybe Chutes & Ladders.
I make a list and cross a few things off.  And shrug off the to-do's that linger.
I tackle the usual tasks.  The laundry, gymnastic trips and meals are a must.
I breathe grace in and breathe grace out.  For me and my kids.

I truly wish I could dress every week up for its own Sabbath rest.  But life has it's own demands.  For now, my one week a month will do.

This weekend was a wonderful spring board for my upcoming week.

I am well fed and ready to rest.


  1. Visiting from SITS! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to rest. I need to do this more!


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