Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snapshots of Spring Break ~ More Color!

As I wrote on Monday, we planned a number of crafts last week.  The kids enjoyed getting paint on their projects and themselves.  The kids delighted in designing their handprints.  And the kids astonished themselves with their abilities to turn a lump of clay into ladybugs, snails and daggers.

But Mommy had a crafty week, too!  I also enjoyed painting and squishing around clay ... and tackling a project that I had pinned on Pinterest several weeks ago.

I was on the look out for something fun and Springy for our front door and found this.  Now ... I don't read Japanese, but I am a visual learner.  And I'm also a good faker.  With a few peeks at this project, I headed to Hobby Lobby and improvised.

In place of the green foam wreath, I chose a straw wreath that was wrapped in plastic.  I left the plastic on to keep it from self-destructing and in the process saved about $5 on the price of the wreath.  Awesome!

I didn't know how much eye-lash yarn I would need, so I bought two.  It only took one.  So now I get to take one back and put $7 back in my pocket.  Yahoo!

In place of the flower ribbon, I picked up a small bouquet of silk flowers in a variety of colors (because I really like color).  I also had a handful of random buttons laying around so I decided to use those for the center of flowers.  I used some floral wire that I had in my craft stash and by running a piece of wire up through the flower, through the button and back down, I had a nice little stick to press into the straw wreath.  That allowed the flowers to stand up and away from the "green grass", too.

I chose the purple wired ribbon to add a little more color and tied a big bow for the top while still leaving plenty for the loop at the top.

Finally, I printed my little words, "bare feet welcome..." off computer.  Before attaching them to floral wire, I "aged" the paper by crumbling it up a bit and running over the paper with a flesh-toned colored pencil.  When I had it appealingly crinkled and colored, I poked the supporting wires into the wreath and then tweaked it until I like it.


Inspired by Pinterest ... hodge-podged by me!
A little Spring Bling for my front door!

Prompt #4 ~ Pinterest Challenge ...

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  1. that is so cute. I love pinning crafts and sewing projects but I haven't tried one yet. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  2. CUTE! I need a Spring wreath so I may try something similar!
    Stopped by from MamaKat's...

  3. I love your wreath - it is so colorful and spring-like.

    I love Pinterest but haven't tried anything yet. Good for you, for actually doing something!

  4. Love it. A wreath for spring. How hopeful.

  5. I've never done a spring wreath. What a great idea. I love your wreath. Fuzzy. Green. Warm just like spring. Totally you.


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