Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Plus One - Spring Break

Today is special for a lot of reasons ...

... Ashley has been six years old for 24 hours.  Six.  Years.  Old.
... Gramps and Grammy arrive this afternoon for tomorrow's birthday party.  Hope they're well rested.
... The house is undergoing a bit of a sprucing-up.  Or at least it will smell that way.
... Aaron is doing an art project that requires him to sit silently and without moving for 20 minutes (ought to be interesting).
... Norah is on the cusp of a gymnastics break ... or starvation, depending on who you talk to.
... Lydia ... well, everyday is special with Lydia.
... The kids are home for ten days for Spring Break!
... And I'm off playing, too ... capturing a variety of amusing vignettes to share with you.  Later.

Spring Break:  playing now, storytelling later!

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