Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two Words

As I zoomed along the highway, singing along to my own personal Sara Groves radio station, God was planting a seed.  This long stretch of desert road is actually fertile ground for a lot of God's little kernels.    It was on this same dry sweep of land that the idea of this blog was planted.  Over the past year and a half, God has used this long and lonely stretch of road to water and nurture this writing adventure.  And this past weekend's trek was no exception.

As I set the cruise control in the car and settled in for the drive, I was not only excited and anxious to get away for the weekend, I was also hoping (with great expectations) for some direction as to my next writing series.

I have been feeling a little uninspired in my writing.  A bit dry, literarily speaking.  I just finished my series in February, Snapshots of the Heart, and I while I loved the challenge of that series, it wiped me out!  Add to that the busy-ness of spring-time ... kid's school activities in full swing, MOPS meetings to finish with enthusiasm, VBS planning beginning (already?!?) and the usual "go, Mom, go!" of life ... and this little garden of writing is under threat of neglect.

But, this gift of writing is a tender plant that I want to care for, water and grow.  It is precious to me.  And I'm a happier mom, wife and woman when I've had time to cultivate this plant.  So ... then question becomes what to do?

In God's faithfulness, He gave me a new little blossom to tend to.  It's small.  It's still just a seed in my mind.  It's settling into my mind and heart and taking root.

I love when God is tangible!  When you know in your heart you've encountered Him!  This answer to my scattered prayer for inspiration is a gift and a reminder of His intimate care of me.  I don't have all my ideas growing just yet, but I know I'm being nudged by God to faithfully use this gift He's give me.

Even if the only words I have right now are "small things".

Small things.  Stay tuned to see how thought this grows ...

And what about you?  
God planting any seeds lately?  
How are you cultivating them?

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