Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time-Warp ~ Help!

A number of years ago, I made this little slideshow for our MOPS group.  I love these little snapshots of my babies when they were, uh ... babies.

As I watch this again, the overwhelming feelings of needing help in the midst of this mothering gig come back in waves.  And chills.  And cold sweats.

Oh, wait.  Maybe that's because while the demands and challenges of mothering change as our kids get older, there are still demands and challenges.  And a lot of toe nails to trim.

If I were to produce a remix of this video, much would be the same.  But I'd have to add ...

Help me with my homework.

Drive me to school.

Take me to gymnastics.

Soothe my tender feelings.

Braid my hair.

Unknot my shoe laces.

Hug me ... but not in front of my buddies.

And you?  What would would be scribbled on your white board?


  1. I remember that well... love it! They were so cute and little... :-D

  2. They were so cute and little... In a few days Aaron will be 10!!! Where does the time go???


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