Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time-Warp Wednesday ~ Ashley

Six years ago tomorrow our family grew a bit as we welcomed our little LeLe Mae into our hearts and into our home.  Aaron and Norah loved that little sweetie right off the bat!  They would hold her, "read" to her and play with her by putting rainbow clown wigs on her bald little head.  Such love!

In our little blue house they would peek in on her while she slept and pile on the couch with Brett or I to peek at her tiny toes.  They loved being squished together.

They still do.

We have added another little monkey and moved to a bigger house, and they still love to squeeze into the same spot - smooshed and smashed.  Giggling and wiggling with squeals of, "You're scrunching me!"  We encourage them to spread out, but it's more fun to be a part of the dog pile.

Especially if there's an iPod involved.

Happy 6th birthday, Ashley!  

I love you!  You are a girly-girl through and through and you bring bright, sparkling joy to my life.  I'll snuggle in the lazy-boy with you anytime, just to listen to you read.  You are my super-duper cleaner-upper; my silly-giggling, goofy-face-maker princess; my sing-humming-whistling music maker and my cuddle-bug, rub-my-back-please snuggler.  Smooches to you!


  1. Can't wait to get some scrunchin' this weekend : )

  2. Happy birthday to your cuddle-bug!

    6 is such a wonderful age to be ...


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