Monday, March 5, 2012

Snapshots of the Heart Continues ...

Happy March 5th!  That means the virtue for today that I'm praying for my kids (again) is Self-Control.  Which is perfect because they still have some little (and big) areas of life that need a little help.  Don't we all?

That is one thing I really love about these daily prayer prompts ... as each month refreshes itself, we have the opportunity to refresh our prayers for our kids!

I have included with this final day of Snapshots of the Heart a gift for you.  All the virtues and their accompanying Bible verses are included below (via Scribd).  I currently have each of them printed, cut, laminated and ready to display on our kitchen table in this nifty little holder that we made at MOPS recently.

Happy Praying!

If you are just joining this series ... 
click on the left for the whole month's worth of prayer prompts!

31 Virtues Cards

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