Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snapshots from Spring Break ~ Time-Warp

About a million years ago (or maybe it just seems like it ...) I took riding lessons.  Once a week, my mom would load us three kids up in the station wagon and drive the winding dirt roads out to the country.  Once a week we would climb up on one of Anne's horses and trot around her corral.  

And once a week, I was an Olympic equestrian jumper.  

In reality I was a pipsqueak bouncing around the paddock while hanging on tight to King Jay or I was wrestling with Frosty as he stood stubbornly chewing grass and refusing to budge an inch ... yanking on the reins and fruitlessly kicking him.

What fond memories ...

Which makes last Thursday such fun!  Ashley's birthday gift from us was an afternoon riding horses at a friend's house.  I think she liked it:

For about an hour, Ashley plodded around the corral with an enormous smile on her face.  Each time the owner walked back my direction, they would stop near where I stood.  But when asked if she wanted to go around again, she would grin and nod, "Yes, please!"

Norah and Aaron also had fun taking turns riding whichever horse Ashley wasn't currently on.  Norah had an equally wide-grin while Aaron was a bit more "joe cool" about the whole thing.  He sorta slouched back in the saddle and held the reins with one hand ... like he'd been riding horses his whole life!

Such a fun afternoon!  And fun snapshots to remember the day when my kids were Rodeo Princesses and Bronc Riders ... at least, in their imaginations!

Thanks, Atencios ... looks like we'll be back!


  1. LOVE IT! Dust, sun and the smell of horses...aaaaahhhhh : )

  2. Just like you, your little ones, when all grown up, will look at these great pictures and smile, remembering a fun time riding horses!


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