Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snapshots of the Heart

So often, the month of February drowns in a sea of pinks and reds, Valentines and sugared sweets.  The store shelves are fully stocked with conversation hearts (text me?) and heart-covered party supplies.  The kids are excited about constructing their Valentine boxes and bringing icing-slathered treats to their school parties.  The hours are filled with choosing just the right box of Valentines (hours!) and then the real work begins to find just the right card for each and every person in our lives ... not too girly and nothing mushy!

And there's not one thing wrong with any of that!

But ... as I have been thinking about this month, I am more concerned with the character traits I see growing in their hearts of my children than the characters they choose to be on their little folded Valentines.

For this past month, I have using Bob Hostetler's "31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Kids" as an easy (and yet challenging) way to pray for strong character in my little people.  And since it has been such an encouraging and meaningful part of my day, I thought I would invite you to join me!

For each day of February, I will follow this same list and highlight virtues we all want to see in our kids' hearts ... and a few snapshots of how they are (or are not) being played out under our own roof.

And most likely we'll find a good challenge for us to grow a little, too!

Come back tomorrow as we jump in to ...

31 Virtues Cards

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