Wednesday, April 25, 2012

small things {two left feet}

small things #15 ... two left feet

Lydia ran all the way home from school.  On the trip down the hill, she jogged, ran, skipped, twirled and pranced.  I watched her hair fly out to the sides as she trotted a few feet ahead of me.  Every few moments she would pause and turn around, just to make sure I was still there.  Her bright grin told me she loved the freedom of being out of the stroller.

Only babies ride in the stroller.

As we walked along, I took in this little girl who is growing into a kid.

Her brown hair was tousled in the back.  The zebra print pillow on her bed had left her a lively cowlick right there in the back.  Three different parts headed in three different directions.  Her attempts at combing had been in vain.

Her hot pink shirt sported a sparkly zebra wearing turquoise sunglasses.  Her new favorite shirt.  The shirt that never quite makes it into the dresser drawers.  She is more prone to stash it on the dresser top as she carries her clothes to put away - marking it to wear tomorrow.

Her sweet capris were already dusty on her bottom.  In less than 30 minutes, she had managed to find a dirty little spot to stop and inspect a treasure trove of stones and pebbles.  The little elastic bands that help to adjust her pants curled up out of the waist band and poked her in the belly.  Big girl pants that almost fit.

Her hot pink socks matched her t-shirt.  They were slouchy.  The elastic gave out years ago when Norah's little tootsies wore them, but they are the perfect color and so they stay.  One was tugged up toward her knee.  The other wass sneaking down into her shoe.

Her shoes.  Oh, her shoes.  She had chosen her hot pink tennis shoes.  They matched her shirt and they matched her socks.  She picked them out herself.  But one look reminded me that she is still little.  She may have dressed herself this morning and she may be big enough to run alongside the stroller, but she's still little enough to need help with her shoes.

Apparently she woke up this morning with two left feet.

Two left feet ... her shoes are mixed up, but she's still big.  And fast.

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