Wednesday, April 4, 2012

small things {little lyrics}

small things #2 ... little lyrics

Spring has sprung!  And now the trees have been transformed into sweet smelling bouquets of blossoms!  This is my absolute favorite snapshot of spring ... besides the bulbs pushing their way through the dark soil, and the tiny green buds on the Nine-Bark bush by our front door, and the chorus of little birds in the pine tree out front and the grass in the yard flirting with lively green instead of crunchy yellow ...  

Okay, so there's a lot about spring that I like, but the trees exploding with fragrant flowers is the only one I have a little song about!

Lydia cracks me up!  "Yucky!" ... what a turkey.

These little lyrics were passed down to me, sung with aunties and nanas.  And now my girls sing them with me.  In the springtime.  When the trees are filled with popcorny blossoms.  And smell so sweet!

Little lyrics ... a legacy shared, heart to heart.

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