Thursday, April 19, 2012

small things {furry friend}

small things #11 ... furry friend

Our Gimli is a bean-bag, couch-potato dog.  
That's how the breeder described him and he was spot on.

We love him for a lot of reasons ...
... his smile, complete with handlebar mustache,
... his laid-back attitude with the kids - "Sure.  You can yank on my tail.  I really like it.  Here's my whiskers, too. Give 'em a tug.",
... his willingness to hang out on the front porch with me while the kids bike and scooter, and shoot baskets,
... and his sweet personality - his big brown eyes say a lot.

"What happens next?"

As such, I wonder what he thinks regarding all that goes on in and about the house during the day.  Maybe these are some of the thoughts that bounce around in his furry little head:

"I hear somebody's awake.  I wonder how long it will be before let me out of this crate.  I hear Phineas & Ferb.  That's my favorite show!  Hey, guys!  Lemme Out!"

"Oooh goody!  Breakfast!  It's my favorite meal of the day!  Those lovely brown little bits!  I wonder if I can beat my record in inhaling it."  (The next morning ... repeat.)

"Uh-oh.  That little pipsqueak has the leash.  You know what that means ... (shudder)  a walk.  Where can I hide?  Where can I hide?  Where can I hide?  She's coming!!  She'll never find me in here." (Heads to crate.)

"Shhhh ... Did you hear that? (runs to kitchen) Yes!  A speck of cheese just fell on the floor ... Score!"

"If I get down really low, maybe I won't get kicked under here.  I am strategically placed on this side of the kitchen table because that baby is learning how to eat Cherrios.  And that pipsqueak is feeding her.  The odds are good that 90% of those tasty morsels are mine.  All mine."

"Hmmm ... the garage door got left up.  I think I'll just mosey out and inspect the perimeter.  Doo, dee, doo, dee, doo ... mail box is secure.  Flower bed is secure.  Basketball hoop is secure.  Fence is secure.  What?  Okay, okay, I'm coming.  Sheesh.  Just keeping you all safe."

"Wow.  That kid has discovered an entirely new octave.  What a screamer.  Oh, great.  Now that other one has joined - the one with the lungs.  Whew.  Ugh.  Why is that other one whining?  These kids are deafening.  And that boy with the sound effects?  I'm outta here."  (Heads for crate.)

"Uh, hi.  I was wondering if there was room up on that lovely new couch for me.  Remember when we used to snuggle and watch TV in the evenings?  That was so nice.  No, huh? (sighs) Okey dokey.  I'll just be over here.  In my bed.  On the floor.  Don't mind my puppy dog eyes."

We love you Gim ... even if you steal Lydia's spot in the double stroller.

"Walking's over-rated."

Furry friend ... the most expensive and life-like stuffed animal we've ever purchased.


Prompt #4 ~ 7 things your pet thought about today.

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  1. Your little Gimli sounds like a very sweet easy going guy! I laughed when you described him checking the perimeter! That really is a dog's duty! Great post!

  2. I love the stroller picture! We had a little Pom when my kids were young and she would ride with them in the jogging stroller.

  3. This was hilarious! In my head, I read your post in Yogi Bear's voice ... especially the do dee do part!

    Hmmm... I wonder if our pets really think our kids voices are too loud ...

  4. Oh, those eyes! Such a cute pup! *Sigh* Our dogs were sad to be relegated to the back burner a bit when the kids arrived, too.


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