Friday, April 6, 2012

small things {birthday boys}

small things #4 ... birthday boys

Today my Aaron-Boy turns 10.  Inconceivable!

Fittingly so, we are celebrating this momentous occasion Princess Bride-style.  Family and friends will be scaling the Cliffs of Insanity and partaking in a Battle of Wits to the Full (enough hamburgers and brauts to feed the entire Brute Squad).  We hope to avoid the Fire Swamp and the Pit of Despair.  And no six-fingered fiends are invited.

What fun to celebrate my own little sword-fighting,




Always be my best little buddy, okay?

And your line, Aaron, is "As you wish."

Birthday boys ... little fellows who grow too fast.  Blink.


  1. Aaron~I love you!!! Have a good day buddy... Just don't rush it, Ok? I remember Unkle Mike telling me at MY tenth birthday, "Next year you'll be counting toes!"
    Just make sure that you actually have ten fingers, though... :-D
    Love cousin Rebekah

  2. Sounds like his birthday was really fun! He seems like such a neat kid. Yes, they do grow so fast!

  3. Hi...I gave your blog the Liebster award...check it out.


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