Friday, April 27, 2012

small things {silly sissy}

small things #17 ... silly sissy

Two little girlies in the bathtub.  The faucet is running; the tub is filling; the girls are giggling.

Their laughter echoes off the bathroom walls.  Little dimpled faces and sweet grins glistening in the tub.  Sweet nakey parts splash in the warm water.

There is a basket of toys hanging above the faucet, but the girls are content with the orange ball.  They toss it back and forth, allowing it to splash water up onto their faces and the tile wall behind them.  And sometimes on Mommy's leg and book.

I move toward the door - away from the damp excitement.

Bath time is a favorite past-time in this house ... 

Santa beards made of body wash bubbles,
confined play time and less to clean up,
Kewpie hair pulled up and twisted around,
wrinkled toes and fingers,
sudsy bellies and bottoms,
sweet smelling kiddos wrapped in towels.

The girls continue their splashing and ball throwing, their giggles and chuckles fill the steamy air.  And then, 


Lydia's head hits the side of the white enamel tub.  A new and pain-filled echo.  Wailing and crying fills the sudden silence.

I lean forward on my stool to take a peek at her head.  She clutches her ear with her little wrinkled fingers, crocodile tears mix with the bathwater.  She won't let go of her ouchie long enough for me to get a good look and her cries only seem to get louder.  I'm not certain she can hear my soothing mommy-words over her moaning.

Ashley sits across from her in the tub, one hand gripping the orange ball while sucking on the thumb of the other.  One look at her sister and she shows her sweet and tender compassion.

"Wackah, wackah, blobbiddy, blibbidy, bonk!  
Hookie, hookie, wackah, wackah-woo!"

In an instant, Liddy's whimpers erupt into cackles and then snorts.  She lets go of her ear and grabs for the orange ball that Ashley has splashed in her direction.

I wipe water off my face with a towel and shake my head.  Smiling.

Crisis averted:  silliness soothes wounded tyke.

Silly sissy ... only you speak the compassionate, complex and combined language of Mother Teresa, the Fairy Godmother and Fozzie Bear.


  1. Love the writing on this! Clean babes are the best!

  2. Aw, how beautiful. It reminds me of when I was little and my little sister and I played during bath time. Wow, I miss that.

    Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)


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