Thursday, April 5, 2012

small things {book time}

small things #3 ... book time

It is a true challenge to find good reads for my voracious book worms.  Quite honestly, there is a lot of so-so prose out there and unfortunate themes.  And we have run into a mixed variety of unworthy heroes and undesirable characters.  Then there's the problem of finding a novel that is both interesting to Mommy and intriguing for Aaron and Norah ... a book that makes that precious bed-time routine fun for us all.

So, when we find a gem, we celebrate!  And pass it along to you...

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

There are three books in this series and according to the above link, a fourth is due out on April 10th.  That makes me so happy!

I read through the trilogy all on my own and then thought to myself, "The big kids would love these!"  The strong writing, quirky but lovable characters and exciting (but safe) adventures make this a must-read book that both kids and parents enjoy.  A lot.

The author uses puzzles and predicaments to move along the story allowing you, the reader, to puzzle your way through the tasks as well.  He also has a lot of fun with the names of his characters, little puzzles all on their own that paint a broader picture of their strengths and weaknesses.  The four heroes are children and that makes the story relatable to young readers, but they are not quite childlike, having gifts and abilities that make them appealing to adults, too.

I highly recommend this series of books ... a great way to make book time with your kids even more enjoyable.  For you and the kids!

Book time ... connecting with my kids and an another magical world.


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  1. They aren't just for kids! I read them upon your recommendation a couple of years ago and now have the fourth one on reserve at my local library!!


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