Monday, April 16, 2012

small things {soury guys}

small things #9 ... soury guys

We pull up to the crosswalk.

"Hey, Mom!  Nobody take our spot!"

"Nope.  We are a little bit early.  The kids don't get of school for about ... 10 more minutes."

"I have a soury guy?"

"Sure.  Just one."

Soury guys.  Our little nickname for the super-duper zippy Icebreaker Sour Candies.  Within that little green plastic case lies a handful of zingy-zangy bites.

"I not have two last time."

"Okay.  This time we're just having one."

"I do it myself.  Here, Mommy."

"Ashley, do you want one?"

"Yes, please.  I'm going to make mine last until the kids get here."

We each sit for a few minutes, the tangy treat on our tongues.  It's quiet in the van as we wait and let the candies melt.  Or at least, two of us do.

crunch, crunch, crunch ... "I bite it lots."

"I'm still sucking on mine. Look it's smaller."

"Mines is lots and lots of little parts.  See?"

"Hmmm ... mine is getting smaller, too."

The bell rings.  The galloping hordes of students pour out of the doors.

My soury guy is almost just a speck.

"Mom.  My soury guy got so small, I lost it."

"Me, too, Honey.  It just got smaller and smaller until it was gone."

"I have more soury guy, Mommy?"

"Not now.  Maybe in a bit.  That was fun to see how small it could get.  Here come the kids!"

Soury guys ... savoring a sweat treat, simple silliness with my girls ... 
and a little peace and quiet.

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