Thursday, April 26, 2012

small things {pocksicles}

small things #16 ... pocksicles

She's been asking all morning.

8:14 am - "Mommy, I have a pocksicle?"

8:47 am - "Mommy, I have a pocksicle?"

9:06 am - "Mommy, I have a pocksicle?"

9:35 am - "Mommy, I have a pocksicle?"

11:21 am - "Mommy, I have a pocksicle?"

And I had the same answer each time:  

Not right now.  How about after lunch? 
Not right now.  How about after lunch?  
Not right now.  How about after lunch?  
Not right now.  How about after lunch?

Not. Right. Now. How. About. After. Lunch?!?!

12:42 pm - "Mommy, I have a pocksicle?"


Two giggly girls, each with a bright red popsicle in hand, run to the front door.

"You coming, Mama?"

"In a minute ... let me wash up the lunch dishes."

Over the running water, I hear a squeal and a belly laugh.  I peek around the corner of the kitchen and see two little cuties in pink plaid shorts and lady bug shirts sitting cheek to cheek on the front step.  I look back at the dishes.

Moments later, they turn their bright red smiles to me as I step out on the front porch, ice water in one hand and my own little treat in the other.  As I snack on pecans and dark chocolate pieces, I listen to my girls as they compare the different techniques in pocksicle eating.

"I'm sucking on mine to get it pointy on top."

"I like to bite 'em."

More slurping, more sucking and more licking.  And much more giggling.  Ashley finishes first and we read the joke printed on the smooth and red-stained stick ...

"Why did the foot laugh? ... Because he was toe happy!"

Maniacal laughter follows.

These snapshots of life are why I love my job.

Pocksicles ... happiness on a stick and why this mommy's "toe" happy, too.


Prompt #5 ~Why I love my job.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. that was adorable! makes being a SAHM so so so worth it.

  2. There is certainly nothing like sibling love....with Popsicles!

  3. Moments to treasure, for sure!

    I love the word, "pocksicle!"

  4. Love it! I can just see them dripping with popsicle stains on their faces! We have not gotten them out yet... Although Mal has asked to put her swimsuit on! Also, you may want to change the 12:42 am to pm. :-D I hope she didn't wake you up in the wee hours of the morning for a popsicle! Love you!


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