Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

Today's Time-Warp is a mix of past and present, sweet and ewww, precious and yucky, memories to keep ... and one I'd like to erase from my brain!

Let's start with the sweet memory, shall we?

Awwww ... so adorable!  This is my little Lydia when she was about six months old.  My little peaches-n-cream baby girl.

I love her dark wispy hair (my only baby to have dark hair ... or to even look like they have any hair at this age!).

I love her rubber-band wrists and her pudgy little arms (I just want to nibble on them!)

I love her little angel-kiss birthmark right there between her eyebrows (you'd be amazed at how bright that little mark can get when she gets to screaming!)

I love her little grin (I think she look like she's just about ready to say something profound.)

I love her all wrapped up in her boppy, her lovey, her favorite, snuggly blanket.

This is definitely one of my favorite snapshots of my Weeda.  So sweet and so precious.

Now onto the ewwwww....

Today I took this same little girl (now a spunky, sassy, silly two year old) to the doctor.  She wasn't really sick, but she'd had a runny nose for about 2 1/2 weeks and yesterday it had seemed a little worse.  On top of that, she had started to smell.  Badly.  At first (several days ago) I had noticed this unpleasant aroma when Lydia would be snuggled on my lap.  Pee-you.  My solution:  wash that girl!  Unfortunately it didn't seem to help much.  Then on Sunday, Brett noticed it and he asked, "Do you think it's her breath?  Baby halitosis?"  Our solution:  brush her teeth!  Nope, that didn't seem to help either.

Maybe she's just a stinker ... and not in the "go sit in the corner" sort of way.  Maybe she has developed some stronger than usual baby b.o.  Not a pleasant thought seeing as we are years away from actual puberty!  Do they sell baby deodorant?

Finally, yesterday she was sitting on my lap and sneezed.  And I caught a whiff of this unpleasant smell full in the face.  It's safe to say that it reeked.  Hence our trip to the doctor this morning.

Upon sitting down in the examining room, the nurse asked a few typical questions:  fever?  duration?  complaints?  appetite?  No.  Too long.  No.  Yes.

Next the doctor came in.  She asked the same questions.  She pulled out her otoscope (known in our house as the "eye and nose looker").  Then she asked a different one ... to Lydia:  "What did you put up your nose, Sweetie?"  What?!?

Sure enough, there was something stuffed up in her little nose!  My poor baby!  With a little head and hand holding (translate: full-body restraint), the doctor got a hold of the foreign object and slowly and gently removed it from her right nostril.   (insert Mommy gagging here ...)

What was it?!  A nasty, slimey, disgusting, putrid wad of ...

boppy, lovey, blanket.  Ewww...

At some point, that silly girl had pulled off some boppy-bits.  And stuffed them up her nose.  And then did it again.

We are assured that the smell will go away in about 24 hours and the runny nose should dry up in the next day or two.  And you can be sure that her boppy, lovey, blanket has been safely stored up in the closet ... out of reach of her hands (and nose).

So ... I'm glad that I have this sweet and precious little snapshot to treasure of my baby and her beloved boppy.

And hopefully that other image won't last nearly as long. :)  ...shudder....


We enjoyed another KEBL night last night ... it had been a while!  Check out the fun we had during our family Bible time!


  1. Morgan,

    Wow! How scary for bits of a blanket to get stuck in side a nose.

    I'm glad the baby will be fine.

    Rebecca G.

  2. EEEWWWW! Yuck! I've not had a child that stuck anything in their nose, but I did have my son that swallowed a penny once! Leave it to Lydia! Glad you got it figured out...

  3. Oh, ewwwww! At least you realized something was wrong and took her to the doctor!


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