Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Little Butterfly

Today is officially our little Ashley's birthday.  And while it would appear (mainly to our intense family fatigue) that we have been celebrating for about a week ... I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she is worth it!

Somehow, my little Itty-Bitty (as we called her in-womb) is turning five ... how can she be so big?!  She is such a delight and it is a joy to watch her soak up all the birthday-love.  I know that since she is the baby-middle child, she gets the short end of the stick sometimes, so it's wonderful to have a loooong stretch of time to make sure that she feels loved, special and celebrated!

Today we had a little play-date with her girl-friends.  Three little girls (plus a tag-a-long baby sissy) played house, had a tea party and played house some more.  Such sweet little friends!

Later tonight we will be having our traditional "pick where you want to eat" dinner out.  As of the last discussion, she wanted to go to McDonald's :( but only because she wants to be able to play in the PlayPlace.  She had also mentioned Chik-fil-A, but upon realizing that her two bigger siblings wouldn't be small enough to play with her ... she re-adjusted her plans.  Proof that she is a sweet, sweet girl!  Brett and I, however, don't want to go to MickyD's ... and so we are trying to re-negotiate the dinner plans ... and maybe just do ice cream there.  Here's hoping (with my fingers and toes crossed) that we can offer her an even better plan that she will be amendable to!

But the true celebrating took place this weekend.  We played.  We ate.  We opened gifts.  We got tattoos.  It was the usual Kellum birthday fandango!  Here are some little snapshots into the weekend ...

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Are you worn out?  We were!  What a blessing to "go all out" for our little Butterfly!  She smiled, hugged, giggled and squealed her way through the evening and on into the next morning.

Now that she is officially five, Ashley has a couple of things she's excited about:  going to school, being with the big kids for VBS, not needing to suck her thumb (my toes and fingers are crossed again), learning to whistle, and giving away some of her "littler girl toys".  All good things!

I love you Ashley Mae ... and I am excited to see all the ways that God blesses you and grows you in the year to come.  You are truly my little caterpillar, turned butterfly ... getting ready to fly!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Ashley!!

    Morgie-pie - when I have kids, can I just hire you as my personal party planner?!?

  2. Happy Birthday to your little Ashley!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ashley.

    They do grow fast.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog:) Happy birthday to your little cutie. My oldest just turned 21 and time sure does fly!

  5. How very sweet. Thank you for visiting my blog last week. I try to respond to all of my comments.


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