Monday, March 7, 2011

Agent P

Warning:  Snapshots is not responsible for any songs that take up residence in your head after viewing today's post.  Please proceed and listen with caution. :)

This past Saturday was a special day ... maybe one you weren't aware of.  No, I'm not referring to my little girl's glittering, birthday party.  That event was significantly more important, but seeing as I am still working on her flutterby birthday post for tomorrow ... I needed something else fun to share with you.

Then I remembered!  Of course!  How could I have forgotten that March 5 was Platypus Day?!? :)

Platypus Day? you ask.  Yes ... if you are proud to number yourself amid the throng of avid followers of Phineas and Ferb, then you know that Saturday was set aside to honor one platypus in particular:  Perry.

If you are among the even larger throng of people who are saying to themselves, "Perry the platypus? Phineas?  Ferb?  What is she rambling about?" ... then get ready to be introduced!

Yep ... you saw that right ... a platypus secret agent.  And it gets better!  He belongs to a couple of boys (you guessed it:  Phineas & Ferb) who spend all their time creating/inventing/building these amazing contraptions.  The episodes begin with Phineas telling Ferb, "I know what we are going to do today", followed by their crazy creation (the world's tallest rollercoaster, a backyard beach or a flying car).  Their sister Candace is obsessed with getting her younger brothers busted and spends her day trying to get their mom home in time to see their latest invention, only to be constantly thwarted as any evidence of their creations is repeatedly wiped away at the last second.  As you can imagine ... this drives her insane!

Where does Agent P fit into all of this?  Well ... there is a parallel story to each episode in which Perry goes undercover to battle against evil Professor Doofenschmirtz ... emphasis on the "Doof".  Of course, Agent P is always able to outsmart the Professor ... which, in reality, isn't really saying much.  Typically his evil plots to "control the entire tri-state area" sabotage themselves and he is left either bobbing around in space, swimming in the middle of the ocean or, once, de-evolutionized to a single-celled organism.  Oops.  But, he's very intertaining.

My kids love to watch this silly show on weekends ... and Brett and I do, too.  Which is really saying something for today's kids' shows.  The lines are funny, the plots are simple and the music is catching.  Did I say "catching"?  I meant "catchy".  So catchy, in fact, that when the kids saw the CD at the library, they checked it out and we have been listening to it almost non-stop.  Fortunately the songs are all about a minute long, so there isn't too much to endure.  In fact, there are a couple of songs that have become family faves.  Have a little listen, but be careful not to catch anything!

This song is from the episode in which the result of Phineas' daily announcement, "I know what we're going to do today" is to become a one-hit-wonder.  Here is the hit song by PFT:

Finally, my hands down favorite song would have to be S-I-M-P.  Maybe it's because that's probably how it looks when I'm dancing.  Or perhaps it helps to explain to me why my kids are constantly jumping up from the dinner table.  Whatever the reason ... it's a fun one:

On the CD, there are additional lyrics.  Something about "everyone's smelling like potpourri" and "if you're losing your hair, get yourself implants".  Pretty much just silliness through and through.

So ... if you are in need of a good laugh (with or without kids) ... head on over to the Disney Channel and catch a couple goofy episodes of Phineas & Ferb.  You won't regret it!  And, you'll have done your homework for Aaron's birthday party coming up in a month.  He intends to celebrate Agent P-style ... and you'll be part of the in-crowd!

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Thank you to Disney Channel for today's music and videos!


  1. Toot's not old enough for this one yet but my husband is, he loves this one! lol

  2. I have yet to watch Phineas and Ferb even though other parents talk about it all the time. But we are nick jr fans in this house, so that's why.

  3. My boys ( 11 & 9 ) enjoy this show.

    Definitely putting a smile on my face today.

    Thanks for stopping at Another Day In Paradise. If you would like to participate or guest post or co-host, I'm looking.

    I've been neglecting that blog with my wordpress switch of my main blog. Hoping to get it moved to the hosting site as well.


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