Monday, March 14, 2011

A Second Honeymoon ... Sorta

This week is Spring Break for our family ... which means everyone is taking a break!  Except Daddy ... but that's what Daddies do.  And Mommies ... because we actually don't ever take breaks.  Hmmmm ... I think the kids are getting the best part of this deal!

Anyway, in light of the kids being home (all of them ... at once ... together ... significantly out-numbering me), I decided that I would share some of our favorite family vacations snapshots.  A simple way to share some of our Kellum Family-Fun ... and reminisce a little bit about some of our trips ... and give you a few minutes of entertainment!

Enjoy these little snapshots of the Kellum Family Vacations ...

Sitting along the Yampa River.

Paging, Dr. Kellum ...
Brett and I honeymooned in Steamboat Springs ... and six years later we returned with a few extra bags and a playpen ... and a booster seat ... and diapers ... and a brand new Rescue Heroes Doctor's kit.

Top Five Memories of this Vacation:
  1. Staying in the exact same condo complex as our honeymoon ... but experiencing a completely different week!  Instead of lounging by the pool and eating a late breakfast, we were up at the crack of dawn and searching out the nearest playground to get our wiggles out!
  2. Vacationing with Gramps, Grammy and Auntie Steph.  It's always a treat to vacation with family (translation:  extra hands=extra time for Mommy & Daddy to relax).
  3. Re-visiting a few of our honeymoon sights.  And realizing that while the waterfall was inspiring for Brett & I, it was really high with a steep drop when you have a kid in your grip.
  4. Watching Aaron play doctor ... with everyone.  By far his favorite new toy that week was his stethoscope and eye-looker.  Were all took turns being patients.
  5. Norah's discovery of stairs.  And being able to climb them.  Constantly.  The condo had a spiral staircase which quickly became Norah's favorite place to be ... with Mommy or Daddy perched and ready to catch an ankle if she should slip through the cracks.

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  1. Yep, vacations are never quite the same with little ones - how funny you were in the same room as your honeymoon!

    One of the best vacations we had was at a beach house in North Carolina. It was wonderful because we had a set of grandparents plus several other extended family members staying in one big house.

    That meant we had a lot of extra help and actually did get to relax on the beach AND get a date night! :)

    hope your spring break goes well - the daddy of our house actually did get a spring break as he is a college professor - but most of it was spent grading.....


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