Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time-Warp Wednesday

Today's Time-Warp post takes us back in time ... to baby Norah.  

My sweet girl is getting too big for her britches.  Literally.  She needs some new pants.  Ones that don't hit her above the ankle.  Of course, she has such a tiny hiney that these pants are only just now beginning to fit her in the waist.  I guess that's one perk of being a girl:  you can wear short pants and pretend they are capris.  That would never fly with Aaron, but Norah could probably pull it off.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it through spring with the pants we have ... and invest in her new wardrobe once we're headed back to school.  Anyway ...

Lately, my dear Norah has been saying things that have made me pause and think to myself, "too old, too grown up, too mature!"  And then she smiles and she looks even older with her dimples and her semi-grown-in teeth.  Add to that her growing independence:  blow drying her own hair, reading Anne of Green Gables, and wanting to wear lip gloss.  This mommy is needing her to put on the brakes!

But as I can't really slow time down, I guess I'll just have to take a trip back to her toddler days and enjoy a few little Nuna flashbacks.

This one will do:

In this snapshot, Norah is very proudly sitting in her brand-new, big girl bed.  We had gotten the frame  from a friend from church ... someone who very happily cleared it out of her garage!  I took it home, cleaned it up, and then sponge painted the metal bars with blue, green and pink paint.  Without really meaning to, I ended up with what appeared to be a flower garden for my baby girl to sleep in!

We moved the bed into the room that Norah shared with Aaron and went about putting it together.  We put the sheets on, found a couple blankets to use and invited our sweet pea to climb on in.  She was so excited!  She jumped into the bed, plopped her little bum on her pillow and pulled the blankets up over her little legs.  Cheese!

My favorite part of this memory, however, happened just after we got this snapshot.  Brett encouraged her to lay down ... to which Norah did, sorta.  Our little girl just leaned her head back against the bars (didn't scoot her hiney one inch), pulled her blankets up to her chin and smiled.  So comfy! :)

I hope that little memory will stay in my mind forever!  
My little Norah-girl:  so proud, so happy, so big!


  1. What a sweet memory! Being a parent sounds like incredibly hard work to me, but your story highlights the joys. :)

  2. Kate is just starting to read, so that will be a huge transition for us. Especially once she gets good at spelling and we can have secret convos in front of her anymore!


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