Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting to Know You ...

I wrote this post last Friday ... just to clear up any time-reference confusion!  Be sure to check out "What's for Dinner?" and "Trekking Thru the Bible" ... new additions this week!

You all know those messages you get with your email where you are supposed to share your favorite color, what you last ate, what you would hate to be locked in a room with, who you last talked to on the phone and your most recent "oops, I forgot" moment.  You know the ones ...

In reality, that really doesn't tell you much about anybody ... except now you would know that I love the color green, that I last ate a piece of Toblerone with Ashley during "school", that I would hate to be locked in a room with yesterday's dishes (a quote from Brett's mom), that I last talked to Brett on the phone and that my last "oops, I forgot" moment was this morning's VBS meeting and not printing the agenda before leaving the house.

But you still don't know much about me!

As part of my nomination by Thy Word (Thanks, Jill!) for:

I'm supposed to share seven things about me.  So here you go ... get ready to know more that you wanted to know! :)

1.  I am currently sporting flaming pinky-red fingernails.  Seeing as I never have my nails painted, I have been catching these little red spots out of the corner of my eyes and flinching!  "What was that?!?"  As part of our spa day at MOPS this past week, we spent a little time pampering ourselves.  What fun to take some time just for me!  I actually like having my nails painted, but what with all the dishes to wash, the noses to wipe, the stains to scrub ... my nail color never lasts longer that a day.  This particular polish was toted as "professional" so maybe it'll stay on longer.  Anybody have a wager? ...

2.  I am a whiz at vacuuming, scrubbing bathrooms and dish washing, but when it comes dusting and getting the laundry out of the dryer ... I'm a bit slow.  Actually, in the case of dusting ... I'm so slow, the dust accumulates to a startling thickness before I finally get around to it.  Then, when I finally tackle the job, it's not so much dusting as it is shoveling.  And as for the laundry ... I'm grateful for my four little laundry elves that help me to get 'r done.

3.  Some of my favorite sounds are:  my children singing (a singing child is a happy child), the washing machine/dryer/dishwasher churning and thumping (work that I'm not doing with my own two hands), Daddy coming in the door (that's a no brainer), my Petey singing to me in the kitchen (serenading me as I clean, cook and clean again), my children laughing (it's always better than squabbling ... even if it's raucous, loud, crazy laughter) ... and the silence at the end of the day (not so much sound ... as the lack thereof).

4.  Some of my favorite shows are ... cancelled.  I'm not sure what that says about me, but I'd like to think that I have such an amazing taste in entertainment that I'm on a whole other level of comedic ingenuity ... something that the average joe just doesn't get.  Or something like that.  I miss "Ed" and their $10 bets, I miss "Arrested Development" and Buster's social awkwardness, and I miss "Seinfeld" and Jerry's really bad acting.  Fortunately we have been able to fall back on "The Office" and Michael's uncomfortable management skills, "Psych" and Sean & Gus's fabulous references to obscure 90's trivia and "30 Rock" and Liz's relentless search for a man to fill the shoes of Astronaut Mike Dexter.  After a long day ... I'm grateful for a good laugh, snuggled up with my honey.

5.  There are a number of things that drive me nutty about being a mom:  random socks abandoned haphazardly around the house and unclaimed by anyone who lives here; the never-ending chain of fixing meals, cleaning up meals, fixing meals and cleaning up meals again; children who forget how to stay in their beds and make repeated appearances at the top of the stairs long after mommy has clocked out; relentless requests to plug into computers, video games, TV's and iPods; and living in a large enough house ... but always finding my kids just within two inches of me.  And trying to get closer.  All at the same time.  On top of each other.

6.  There are many more things that make my heart happy about being a mom:  surprise hugs and "I love you's" from my 9-year old boy, watching the light-bulb come on in my kids' minds and seeing their excitement about something new they can do/see/know, snuggling on the couch to watch a silly show together and catching their contagious laughter, watching my kids develop a sense of humor and their joy in making someone else laugh, watching them get to know Jesus and fall in love with Him and hanging out as a family and enjoying the closeness of our large family ... elbow to elbow and cheek to cheek.

7.  I truly enjoy blogging.  If only to have a chance to put to words all the thoughts that bop around in my head on a daily basis.  Much of what you read above is what I write about here at Snapshots ... celebrating life's little moments.  I love having a place to chronicle the mundane and the special, the simple and the complicated, the matters of the heart and the matters of the funny-bone ... and to share these thoughts and ponderings with whomever wants to stop by for a bit.  And if I successfully point you back to the Giver of all those little moments ... then I consider it a good post!

So now you know a bit more about me!  Hope it wasn't too scary! :)

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