Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Little Olympians

Today's walk down Vacation-Memory Lane takes us to Park City, Utah.  We traveled west (for several hours ...) to visit this ski resort town and the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. What a wonderful week full of many terrific memories!

Hanging out at the Alpine Slide.

Ashley with the Olympic Torch.

Top Five Seven Nine (sorry) Memories of this Vacation:
  1. Nana came along for the ride.  What a brave woman to travel in a van with three crazy monkeys!  But, we rewarded her with her own room at the condo and lots of time loving on her grand-babies.  She and I even got a lunch out for just us girls ... I think it all balanced out.
  2. Staying at an amazing resort condo complete with pool, kids play area and ... a valet.  Imagine my horror when he offered to take our bags up to our room!  We looked like the Clampetts driving up:  car-top carrier packed to the gills, travel bags open and throwing up all over the van floor and boxes and bags of snacks spilling out on the driveway.  I don't know how we could have paid him enough for the countless number of trips it took to empty our van.
  3. Taking the trolley ride.  We rode up Main Street and the browsed the kid-safe stores, took pictures with the statues, visited the ski museum (and locked the kids up in the old jail) and scoped out the stores Nana and I wanted to visit later.
  4. Playing day, after day, after day in the pool.  And hanging out in the hot tub at night.  The kids barely dried out all week!
  5. Watching movies at night, just the three of us ... and a bat!  We still laugh about running around, screaming and trying to remember if we should turn the lights on or off!
  6. Ashley learning to crawl.  She started scooting on Monday and by Thursday was able to get to all her siblings toys ... whether they wanted her to, or not!
  7. Visiting the Olympic venues ... and lots of fun snapshots of the kids in bobsleds, on skeleton sleds and carrying the torch.
  8. Aaron spinning on the park swing.  And the puking in the van.  Maybe not one of the best parts of the week ... but without a doubt, one of the most memorable.  Brett had been spinning the two bigger kids in a tire swing.  A lot.  After loading up in the van and stopping by the grocery, I came back out to the parking lot to find Daddy cleaning up a yucky little boy who had lost his cookies just as I closed the van door to go shopping.  Good timing on my part.
  9. Zooming down the Alpine Slide.  Actually, that part was fun.  It was the going up on the ski lift with Nana and two little kids that was memorable.  My mom and I both have issues with heights and apparently the kids don't.  They kept leaning out over the edge of their seats to see the ground passing by 100 feet under their little tootsies.  And Nana and I gripped their little parts and repeatedly asked them to "sit back".  It wasn't until we were back down the hill and Brett was taking Aaron back up that I realized something.  That nifty little bar above your head flips down so that it presses against your lap like a seat belt.  Preventing you (our your beloved babies) from falling to their premature deaths.  That would have been helpful to know. :)


  1. THAT was a great vacation and yes, I would call it a vacation! I'm always so glad there are pictures to help remind me of what a GREAT time it all seems a bit of a blur to me. xoxmomxox

  2. I love the torch photo.


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