Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'd Like to Buy a Vowel

Growing up we watched Wheel of Fortune.  A lot.  And then we would recreate the game outside on our gigantic chalkboard.  My mom would draw us the "Big Money!" wheel and then we would play our own hyped-up version of Hang-Man and win lots of "money"!  Fun memories of summer time with my brother and sister ... trying to guess the word that would complete the mystery phrase.

These days, Brett and I are playing a similar game ... only it's a little more challenging.  Our sweet Lydia has begun talking (sorta) and we are currently spending the majority of our days trying to guess the mystery words in her 2 year-old vocabulary.  She says a lot ... she just isn't using any words that sound like English. :)  Fortunately, she is also using charades, so that helps.  A little bit.  She also resorts to yelling her mumbo-dogface words, but that really doesn't help much at all.  Nope, not a bit.

Here are a few of her favorite phrases ... let's see how much "money"* you could win today!

*"money" = pat on the back :)

"Moh", accompanied with one finger pressed against her lips.

Answer:  "Milk" ... okay, that was an easy one.  Especially if she has her sippy cup in her hand, too.

"I to", accompanied most often with jumping and a raised voice.

Answer:  "I want that, too" ... or better translated, "I WANT THAT ... SO GIVE IT TO ME!"

"Mi", accompanied with a gorilla like motion and repeated incessantly.

Answer:  "Mine."  Actually, "Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine ...", reminiscent of the seagulls from "Finding Nemo".  But not as funny ... especially when what she wants is ... well, mine.

"Dow Peas", accompanied by flapping hands.

Answer:  "May I get down please."  Yes, she finally will say this consistently.  Whew!

"I", accompanied by bossy hands and feet.

Answer:  "I want to do it."  Without one iota of help ... even if that means her undies are on backwards and are giving her a wedgie and her head is stuck in her hoodie.  "I!"

"Vee", accompanied by big smiles and clapping hands.

Answer:  "Whee!"  Most often shouted whenever a playground comes into view or she sees a swimsuit being packed ... that must mean we are going to go sliding and/or splashing!  

"Tah", accompanied by grabbing hands and great desperation in her little voice.

Answer:  "Snack, please."  She has amazing hearing ... she can hear a goldfish cracker package being opened across the house.  With the first crinkle of the packaging, she is high-tailing it to the kitchen yelling, "Tah!  Tah!"

And our hands-down, favorite Lydia-ism ...

"I dumb", accompanied by a pouty lip and sometimes an insistent foot-stomping.

Answer:  "I'm done" ... going potty, eating breakfast, playing outside, sitting in time out, being nice, or listening to you.  Just try and hear that come out of her mouth and not giggle ... it's impossible, I tell you!   The only thing funnier is when she comes up to me with all seriousness in her sweet little face and says, "Dumb Mama."  Nope ... just finishing my coffee. :)

So ... how did you do?

In reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the many sounds, words and phrases that Lydia throws at me on a daily basis ... and I can honestly say that I haven't been much of a winner lately.  When she's really on a roll and is either mad or excited and starts garbly-gooking her way through an entire conversation, I sometimes find myself holding my head ... and wondering if Pat Sajak has any vowels ... or consonants ... or even words that I could buy!

Come on!  Big money, big money ... no whammy!  
I could really use some words!! :)


  1. Oh, deciphering 2 year old language is one of the things I love best. I have 4 grand daughters that are all two. Their mothers put them on the phone and I am supposed to decipher what they are saying. Sometimes, I do a better job than others. They are so sweet!! The more you talk to each child, the easier they are to understand. There is a big difference between two and three. Two is when only parents can understand, three is when most people can understand. They take such big steps!!!

  2. Sounds familiar... Bethany does the same thing sometimes. I like the phrases she is coming up with..."Ope doh pease, Mom" i.e. Open the door please, Mom. So cute!

  3. Dow peas is one of my most favorite little kid phrases.

  4. Little did we know we would be adding "translator" to our resumés once we became a mom! Great post! Thanks for stopping by today!
    Stephanie from www.southernmomentum.com


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