Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soggy Game Day Fun!

It's 1:30 and I'm bushed!

This morning, we welcomed summer with a Wet, Wild and Wacky Wednesday of games!  Wow!  Here's how we stayed cool and crazy ... and how you can, too!

First up, Filler 'Er Up!

Each pair of kids got a cup with a ping pong ball in it and a squirt bottle filled with water.  Then standing face to face, they each took one step backwards.  One teammate held the cup while the other teammate squirted water into the cup from that distance.  The first team to fill the cup and have the ping pong ball float out won!  Which, in this case, was the boys!  This was the warm-up to getting soaked ...

Next up, No Hands Balloon Race!

The kids were divided up into groups of two.  For fun, I didn't group them by size, which meant that long and lean Rebekah was paired up with short and sweet Bethany ... and they were creatively successful!  Each pair had to walk their water balloon to the other side of the yard with the balloon nestled between their almost-touching backs.  They then passed the balloon to the next pair and so on.  This was certainly challenging!  For the second race, we changed things and let them carry the balloon nestled on their almost-touching bellies, which was significantly easier.  Lots of hugging and walking!

Next we played The Soggy Jog Relay!

We split the kids up into two teams and lined them up next to a big bin filled with water.  On the other side of the yard was a soccer ball.  Each kid had to race down, circle the soccer ball and race back wearing one of my pairs of sweatpants ... drenched in water.  Then they would peel the pants off, dunk them back in the bin of water and the next soggy jogger would wrestle their way into the pants.  This was my favorite game of the day, just for the hysterical laughter.  Watching Lydia with my sodden pants pulled up to her armpits, running across the yard was awesome!

Next up, Rainy Relay!

This relay race is one of my kids' favorites from their End-of-the-Year Field Day at school.  Each team has to fill a bucket of water on one side of the yard with a plastic Solo cup filled with water from a bucket on the other side of the yard.  Sounds easy enough, right?  This cup, however, has three holes punched in the bottom and the racers have to hold the cup firmly to their heads in order to have any water leftover to pour in their bucket.  I loved watching the kids race across the yard, water streaming down their necks to dump their mere tablespoons of water in their bucket!  Too funny ... and refreshing, too!

Finally, we played Water Balloon Towel Toss!

Each team of two gets one beach towel and one water balloon.  The object of the game is to keep your balloon in one piece while tossing it and catching it with your towel, parachute-style.  The key for our players was to have them count to three each time so they were both tossing and catching at the same time.  The boys really had fun with this game and were the last ones left with a water balloon.

The kids were certainly worn out by the end of the morning, but no one said, "It's too hot!!"

Here is the link for the games we played ... there are even more ideas to choose from!

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  1. Thanks for having us, it was lots of fun! Will post pics later...


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