Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation -day two-

Here's the next installment of "In the Hangar".  What will Lucy botch next?!?!

Ltn. Lucy and
Air Hostess Betty from British Airways

Aren't we cute!  Betty looks so lovely and polished while I look as authentic as possible in a sweet friend's real flight suit, hat and little-bit-too-big-boots.  Boots too big for me to fill, both literally and figuratively!

In the Hangar
Skit 2

Betty is visiting with passengers. Lucy walks in with a flight manual. She looks nervous.

Betty: Good morning, Lucy. (silence) I said, Good morning, Lucy. 

Lucy: (startled) Oh! Good morning, Betty. (goes back to reading and chewing on her lip) 

Betty: You look a little worried today, Lucy. What are you reading? 

Lucy shows Betty her book.

Lucy: This is the flight manual for a new plane we have in the hangar - an Earthstar Thunder Gull. The Air Boss said that I could take it up for a quick hop, but I want to make sure that I have covered all my bases before taking off.

Betty: Thatʼs a good idea. Itʼs always wise to be prepared.

Lucy: You would think so, but Iʼm getting a little nervous just reading about all that could go wrong. And I still have my feet planned firmly on the ground. For instance, I have to throttle back so as not to Redline - go faster than the plan can handle. Thereʼs the possibility that I could Deadstick - thatʼs flying without engine power. Or I might have to Ditch - land somewhere other than the hangarʼs runway. Or worse yet - Punch Out! (Which means to eject.) And those are the warnings in just the first chapter!

Betty: Oh my. Well ... flying can be dangerous. 

Lucy: Iʼll say. Maybe I just wonʼt do it. Maybe Iʼll just keep myself grounded today.

Betty: Lucy, you are a good pilot. Youʼve gone through all the proper training and you have your pilotʼs license. I donʼt want this new plane to make you too scared to fly.

Lucy: Well. I did have plans to fly down toward Mexico and investigate the Paricutin Pequeno.

Betty: The Paricutin what?

Lucy: Oh. Sorry. The Paricutin Moreno.

Betty: I still donʼt thing you have it quite right. Passengers? What is Lucy going to investigate? Thatʼs right! The Paricutin Volcano.

Lucy: Volcano? Huh ... yeah, I guess that makes more sense. Iʼd still like to go, but ... what if my IFR or my ILS or my INS goes on the fritz?

Betty: Well, Lucy, I think we need to remember that we canʼt be prepared for everything, but we can trust God in everything. This morning, our passengers are going to learn about how God is in control, no matter what happens.
Lucy: Godʼs always in control? Thatʼs awesome. Maybe Iʼll stick around for the story ... and then go check out that pequeno, moreno volcano this afternoon.

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