Monday, June 11, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation -day one-

Today we are taking off for a week of discovery!  Our church is hosting Vacation Bible School and our passengers are joining us for flights around the globe as we discover that

our God is Amazing and 
Awesome in Power!

Part of our fun this week involves two guests, Betty, the British AWA Stewardess, and her friend, Lucy, the linguistically-challenged pilot.  I wrote a skit for each day of the week to highlight the daily themes, tour the globe and give the passengers a good laugh.  Of course this will also result in my kids being paralyzingly embarrassed as their mom, dressed in an army green flight suit, makes a royal fool of herself.

Oh, what we do to share the love of Jesus! :)

This week, you can join our passengers as we catch a glimpse of God's goodness and glory in the stumbling and bumbling life of Lucy and the patience and wisdom of Betty.


In the Hangar
Skit 1
Betty is visiting with passengers. Lucy walks in with a paper airplane, making airplane sounds.

Betty: Hey there, Lucy! What do you have there?

Lucy: Good morning, Betty! This is my newest creation. A Beechcraft Model 19 Muskateer! I worked on her all night. Do you want to see her fly?

Betty: Of course! How exciting!

Lucyʼs plane crashes unexcitingly. Both ladies stare at it.

Lucy: Hm. That didnʼt go quite like I planned. I certainly thought it would get farther than that. 

Betty: Well ... itʼs not as easy to make something fly. Flying is certainly amazing!

Lucy: You bet it is! I was flying over the Grand Canyon just yesterday and it was incredible to look down over the canyon walls and see the water carving its way through all that rock. And do you know what I saw?

Betty: No. What?

Lucy: Soaring up above the canyon I saw a Badger!

Betty: A badger? I donʼt think so ...

Lucy: No. Youʼre right. It was a ... uh, Beagle.

Betty: Lucy, Beagles canʼt fly. Are you sure you saw a beagle?

Lucy: It had an incredibly wide wingspan with dark brown feathers and a white head.

Betty: Passengers? What do you think Lucy saw flying above the Grand Canyon? Thatʼs right ... a Bald Eagle!

Lucy: A Bald Eagle? Yeah ... that must be right! You know ... that bird was soaring and dipping and sailing around up there in the sky - better than this old paper airplane.

Betty: Well, Lucy, when God created the bald eagle, He knew just what He was doing and He made him to be able to fly so beautifully. Today our passengers are going to learn about how not only did God create everything, but that He has power of all things. And since God wanted bald eagles to be able to soar over the Grand Canyon, He made them in just the right way.

Lucy: Power over creation, huh? Thatʼs pretty amazing. I think Iʼll stick around and hear this Bible Story. Maybe Iʼll get some inspiration about how to make my Muskateer fly more than 2 feet.


To hear the theme song for this week (and the rest of the upbeat and scripturally-focused music for this week), pop over to my sis-in-law's blog ... she's highlighting the musical-side of VBS!

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