Wednesday, June 6, 2012

small things {sand castles}

Thanks for a fun SITS day ... so many wonderful and encouraging comments!  Makes this Word-Lover so happy! :)

small things #41 ... sand castles

Last Friday was a big day.  We did the Big, Enormous, Drink-from-the-Fire-Hose VBS Walk-Thru for all of our volunteers.  We crammed two months of planning into two hours in an attempt to bring our 56 "pilots" up to speed for our Amazing Wonders Aviation week of adventure.

It was a doozy morning.

When we landed back at home for lunch, my kids and I sat around the table munching mac-n-cheese and slurping Orange Crush.  (Doozy mornings call for heedless diets!)  I decompressed and was informed by my all-too-intuitive eight-year old that my stress was a result of me being a "worry borrower" ... something we talked about NOT being during a recent morning devotional.  Out of the mouth of babes!

Following our slow and mellow lunch my kids headed off into four directions - to read, to write and to rest.  I followed my pokey little Lydia up the stairs to her room to snuggle and read about how Buster got lost, but then found again by sweet kitty, Betty, "a white ball of fur waving from the top of the tree".  All the while Lydia is picking at her feet, poking her finger between her toes and shaking her socks.

Just before I spin her around to tuck her chubby little legs into bed she announces that she got all the "sand castles" out of her toes.  Hmmm ... sand castles.  Of course.  

A perfect ending to a full morning ... a snapshot of my little girl's littleness and what an honor and privilege it is to be her Mommy.  And to not miss one single Liddy-ism.

Sand castles ... the pesky, dusty granules that sneak into our sneakers when we're busy bustling about at the park.  Two words that make me smile.  And make my day.


  1. Congrats! I didn't get by here yesterday! Sounds fun! Sand is not my favorite!

  2. Sometimes the things children say are so precious.

  3. Sometimes there are mud pies between those little piggies : )

  4. How adorable! As troublesome is sand is to clean up after, it sure brings plenty of joy and magical moments for kids! Visiting from SITS

  5. What a sweet moment! I love my little boy's feet and love that your Liddy calls her toe jam sand castles!

    Visiting from SITS Girls sharefest.

    ~ Ferly
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