Thursday, June 7, 2012

small things {lists}

small things #42 ... lists

I have been genetically engineered to be a list-maker.  I can't help it as this trait is an intrinsic part of my DNA.  I make daily lists and weekly lists.  I experience great satisfaction in marking items off my list and I've been known to add unlisted items to my list after I do them just so I can mark them off.

List-making and list-marking is in my blood.

And now for your viewing pleasure ... my To-Do list for the month of June:
  1. Survive --- er, that is ... Enjoy VBS next week.  The great countdown to fun has begun and I'm whittling my VBS list down on a daily basis.  And adding to it daily, as well.
  2. Stay ahead of the laundry beast.  I don't want to just keep it at bay, I want to keep it tamed.  (Down boy!  Sit.  Staaaay ... stay ... Good boy.)
  3. Start the kids' trip around the US of A.  They'll be learning capitals and exploring state facts.  And I'll be learning my capitals and geography all over again.  (What do you mean the capital of Maine isn't Bangor?!?  Uh ... don't listen to you mom.)
  4. Lounge on the couch for a movie morning or two.  And not "lounging" while making phone calls and sending emails.  Actually lounging with my feet up and a kid snuggled on my lap.  This also goes for playing games with my kids 100% and being crafty and artsy without my mind being busy with ... my lists.
  5. Keep up with my morning walks.  How else do I intend to up on current events unless I listen to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me?!?  And my me-time also keeps me sane ... even if it has to start really early.
  6. Enjoy a weekend with Auntie Steph.  We can't wait to see you!  Rest up because we're going to be ready to play, play, play!  (see number 8)
  7. Try a few new recipes.  Even if the kids peer at their dinners and ask, "What is it?", I have no intentions of eating hamburgers, tuna noodle salad and lemon alfredo every week ad finitum.  (Not bad by themselves, but week after week?  No thanks.)
  8. Sit out in the front yard and watch the kids play:  slip-n-slide, trampoline, biking, scootering, basketball, frisbee and tag.  Not all at the same time, of course.  That would be dangerous.
  9. Write a bit.  Hopefully more than "a bit", but I'm keeping my expectations low so that I will only be pleased with the amount of writing I get done.  That's my Danish heritage, Mom.
  10. Run away for a long, long weekend to Steamboat Springs with my family at the end of the month.  happy dance, happy dance!
Now ... let's see if I can get it all marked off!  I'll let you know!

Lists ... my way of keeping my sanity and keeping track of all the bits and pieces of life that threaten to make me crazy!


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  1. I love that you included unabashed lounging! Enjoy every minute!

  2. Glad our Danish heritage has paid off : )

  3. I feel the same way about lists. Can't function without them.

    I hope you get to mark each of these off the list this month!

  4. #4 sounds wonderful! With teenagers and summer jobs, it might be more of a movie afternoon, but I think my kids and I can manage to do some lounging!


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