Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation -day three-

Welcome back for day three of our adventure with Lucy and Betty ... today, Lucy makes a mess of  more than just her words.  Oops.

In the Hangar
Skit 3

Betty is visiting with passengers. Lucy shuffles in, shaking her head, carrying a sleeping bag and stuffed animal.

Betty: Uh, oh. Hello, Lucy. You look down today. 

Lucy: (sniffling) Yeah. Thatʼs because I am. Iʼm Down. Landed. In. The. Basement. 

Betty: Oh dear. What happened?

Lucy: Well, I took that flight I was telling you about yesterday down to see the volcano and when I got back, I wanted to check under the hood to make sure the plane was still in good condition before I handed it over to the Air Boss.

Betty: Thatʼs good. Sounds like you were being responsible.

Lucy: Well ... I noticed that there was a gasket that looked a little loose and so I thought I should tighten it up a bit. So I pulled out my Turkey Wrench.

Betty: Your what? I donʼt know that Iʼve ever heard of a Turkey Wrench. 

Lucy: Oh. Right. I guess itʼs called a Funky Wrench.

Betty: A Funky Wrench? Youʼre closer. Passengers ... what tool is Lucy talking about? Thatʼs right ... a Monkey Wrench. Okay ... so you tightened up the gasket with your Monkey Wrench and then what happened?

Lucy: Then ... I broke the gasket with my Monkey Wrench. I didnʼt know how strong I was, I guess. 

Betty: Uh, oh. What did you do then?

Lucy: Well, I went and told the Air Boss and he was none too pleased. Iʼve been grounded until they can get it fixed. I really messed up this time. I bet Iʼll never get in the air again. (sobs and blows nose loudly)

Betty: Iʼm sure theyʼll be able to order a replacement part. But Iʼm more worried about you. Itʼs true you made a mistake, but I donʼt want you to beat yourself up over this.

Lucy: I just feel so guilty and ashamed. I was hoping to hide out here in the hangar until they fix the plane.

Betty: Oh, Lucy. Donʼt you remember that when we believe in Jesus as our Savior, we can accept His forgiveness for our sins ... for the times we make mistakes. Our Bible Story for today is all about Jesus and how God sent Him to be the perfect sacrifice for us. And when we believe in Jesus, we donʼt have to feel guilty or ashamed ... weʼre forgiven.

Lucy: Forgiven? That sounds wonderful. Do you think I could listen in on this story today? Then maybe Iʼll hitch a ride with Bobby and Joe ... theyʼre headed off to Australia to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef this afternoon. Thatʼs sounds more exciting than sleeping here at the hangar.

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