Friday, June 15, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation -day five-

Today is the last day of VBS and the last installment of "In the Hangar".  It's been and Amazing and Remarkable week!

In the Hangar
Skit 5

Betty is visiting with passengers. Lucy walks in, reading map, distracted.

Betty: Well ... looks whoʼs here, Passengers. Can you say, “Good Morning, Lucy” really loudly?

Lucy: (turning map upside-down and back again - jumps at greeting) Whoa! Hey there! Good morning to you, too! No ... make that GREAT morning to you!

Betty: Great morning, huh? What makes it so great?

Lucy: Oh boy ... well, I just talked to the Air Boss and heʼs giving me one more chance to fly the Earthstar Thunder Gull! Sheʼs back and ready to fly ... and I get to take her up!

Betty: That is wonderful! Where are you going? Whatʼs your flight plan?

Lucy: Well ... I was thinking about heading up to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights, but ... then I will have to fly at night and, well ... just between you and me ...(looks around and whispers) Iʼm afraid of the dark.

Betty: Oh. That could be a problem. Arenʼt the Northern Lights only visible at night?

Lucy: Yeah. Thatʼs the problem. I really, really, really, really want to see the Aurora Born In Dallas ... but Iʼm scared.

Betty: Hold on a minute. Did you say, “Aurora Born in Dallas”? 

Lucy: Uh ... no. I meant to say “Autumn Spores in Glasses”.

Betty: Oh Lucy ... I know thatʼs a tough one to pronounce so weʼll help you out. Do you Passengers know the right name for the Northern Lights? Aurora Borealis.

Lucy: Well ... however you say it, Iʼm still afraid of the dark. What am I going to do?

Betty: This week we have been learning all about God and His amazing power. He has power of all of creation. He has power over all of our lifeʼs circumstances. He has power of sin. And He has power over death. Do you think maybe your can trust God to have power over your life, too? Do you think you could believe that God has the power to help you do whatever He wants you to do?

Lucy: Wow! When you put it that way! Yes! I know God has made me to be a pilot and I can trust HimtohelpmetobethebestpilotIcanbe. EvenifIhavetoflyinthedark!

Betty: Today our Passengers are going to hear about the Apostles and how God helped them to be brave and courageous in the face of danger ... even being thrown into jail! Thatʼs the sort of encouragement we all need to hear!

Lucy: Whew! I think Iʼll head over to the Bible Study for this story. Iʼm sure God can use the bravery of the Apostles to give me the courage I need to fly tonight! Thanks for being such an encouragement this week, Betty. Iʼve learned so much ... and I bet our Passengers have, too!

I hope you enjoyed a little silliness (packed full of serious truths).  And I hope my kids will forgive me for any embarrassment poor bumbling Lucy caused them.  Have a great weekend! :) 

... I'll be catching up on mindless-VBSless-vegging and enjoying a family-filled Father's Day!

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