Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation -day four-

What is Lucy up to today?  What will she mangle and mix-up?  Chances are she has a few more wonky words to share with us ... but some amazing truths, too!

In the Hangar
Skit 4

Betty is visiting with passengers. Lucy walks in with a box filled with parts & tools. Pulls out manual.

Betty: Good morning, Lucy. You look like you have a busy morning ahead of you. 

Lucy: (searching through box) You bet I do. The new gasket came in for the Earthstar Thunder Gull

Betty: Thatʼs great news! Is that what youʼre working on?

Lucy: This? Oh. No way! The Air Boss said that he didnʼt want me coming within 3 feet of the Gull until I get clearance again. He mumbled something about him not trusting me with his little baby again. No ... This box is filled with parts for one of our old planes - a Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper. Iʼm supposed to figure out how to get the fuel pump up and working. But Iʼm afraid this plane has bought the farm. (rattles the box and pulls out a pipe)

Betty: Bought the farm, huh. I suppose that means ... 

Lucy: Dead. D-E-A-D, Dead. Dead as a doornail. Kicked the bucket. 

Betty: I get the picture. Thatʼs too bad. Iʼm sure it was a fine plane back in the day.

Lucy: Yes. This particular plane was used to fly over enemy lines during World War II for the purpose of reconnaissance missions ... you know, (whispers) spying. One pilot even flew around the Flatterhorn in this plane.

Betty: The Flatterhorn?

Lucy: Hmm ... maybe itʼs called the CandyCorn. You know that mountain peak between Switzerland and Italy.

Betty: I donʼt think itʼs called the CandyCorn. Come on, Passengers, letʼs help Lucy out. What is that mountain called? Thatʼs right ... the Matterhorn.

Lucy: Right. Well, anyway, this old beauty wonʼt be up and flying around the Matterhorn anytime soon. Not without any fuel getting to her engine. But Iʼm willing to do the work to get this little lady resurrected and flying again soon.

Betty: Resurrected? 

Lucy: Yeah. You know, alive again.

Betty: Thatʼs what our Passengers are going to learn about today! Our Bible Study this morning recounts the story of Jesus coming back to life and seeing His disciples and friends again. And because Jesus is alive today, we can be His friend, too!

Lucy: Thatʼs remarkable! What an exciting morning. I think Iʼll ask Sally if our flight over Victoria Falls can wait until after lunch. I donʼt want to miss this story!

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  1. I loved when the little girl called out, "Powderhorn!" which is our local ski area... so funny! Made me giggle the rest of the day!


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