Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time-Warp Wednesday ~ Headphones

Last Fall, Aaron scored a newish MP3 player at a yard sale for three bucks.  Boo-yeah!  With a little internet research on Daddy's part, it was quickly stocked with all Aaron's favorite tunes.  And he was quickly tuned out of any and all family discussions.

He could just listen to the music on the iPod, but
that wouldn't be as cool.

Just a few weeks ago, Norah saved enough of her own money to buy an iPod shuffle.  It's blue and contains several hours of her favorite music:  High School Musical, select songs from Les Mis and Gypsy Kings.  That girl's got eclectic taste.

Now if only her ear buds actually fit
her tiny little ears.

Many moons ago, I was also the owner of my own little music box.  It was literally a box and it played cassette tapes.  It was pink, it sucked AA batteries dry and I loved it.  With my large, black headphones on my head and my walkman clipped to my elastic waist band, I was groovin' and looking pretty cool.  See?

My mom and I on Christmas morning.
I have the "I'm too rad" slouch going on.

I think the beads were just there to accent my awesomeness.  Along with the pink slippers.  And the black sports watch.

Awe. Some.


  1. I had a pink walkman too! Love the beads and slippers!

  2. My walkman was gray and I had it on me all the time. I remember playing badminton with it, and only taking it off when the batteries wore down. But what really flashed me back to my childhood was the beaded necklace, knotted. I love(d) that look!


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