Monday, January 23, 2012

Bag O' Glass

I currently have a bag of glass sitting on my dining room table.

Which, of course, brings to mind this memorable Dan Aykroyd skit from SNL.

This bag of glass is as a result of one of my wall hangings leaping from its hook on the wall and plummeting to the tile floor below.  In the hustle and bustle of making dinner I managed to sweep up the broken pieces and dispose of them, but the cross-stitch, frame and remaining jagged shards were quickly slipped into a bag and deposited on the table until I could take care of it.

I haven't gotten to it yet.

This same dining room table is also currently a fort.  Every spare blanket in the house has been rubber-banded to the chairs creating a super-cool hide-out filled with books, pillows, stuffed animals (no Chainsaw Teddy Bears, of course) and a treasure trove of odds and ends.  Our dining room table has been a fort for over a week, even though it was scheduled for demolition days ago.  I know that once I get the blankets off, there will be a good 45 minutes of toy and book relocation and time has been tight.

So I just haven't tackled it yet.

I walked into the kitchen just a bit ago and noticed that there is a sizable collection of crumbs, dog hair, grass clippings and crunchiness along the baseboard under the dishwasher.  My eyes followed the baseboard around the rest of the kitchen floor and I shuddered to imagine the amount of nastiness that needs to be swept up. I know that it would just take me a minute, but quite honestly I don't feel like I have that minute to spare.

I'll have to clean that later.

I have a load of odds and ends sitting in the dryer.  It's been there for two days.  I tossed in the load of towels and napkins and completely forgot about them.  That is until I was looking for the napkins for dinner, which meant I resorted to pulling out some left-over Christmas ones.  Perfect.  I will take care of that load of laundry soon.  But only because the kids are running out of pants that fit!

I guess I'll get to it eventually.

We got our new couch four days ago.  On the very first afternoon it was here, I noticed that the chaise end of the couch sits in the sun for about an hour every day from around 2:00 to 3:00.  I told myself, "I'm going to park myself on that end of the couch, close my eyes and melt.  If only for 20 minutes.  It would totally recharge me."  I have yet to take advantage of that sunny spot.

I haven't squeezed that in yet.

As a mom, you now how it goes.  The tyranny of the urgent.  When the day starts at 6:21 and zooms along until bedtime, you face that pesky list of "gotta-do's" (feed kids, grocery shop, drive kids to school, keep up with little people) while many of those "someday I'll" projects get shuffled to the side.

There's a little girl that is wandering around the house right now looking for someone to play with.  She is eager for her sister to wake up so they can be silly together, but in order for our baby sissy to be silly and not cranky, she needs to sleep a little longer.  Even though I would love to sit here a bit longer and maybe toodle around Pinterest, I think I'll take advantage of this "just you and me" time and cuddle with my Ashley.

My one-on-one time with LeLe (like the sunshine warming the end of the couch) is fleeting.  As for the household chores, they'll still be there.  Guaranteed.

“Show me, LORD, my life’s end 
   and the number of my days; 
   let me know how fleeting my life is." (Psalm 39:4)

.... so that I'll be quick to enjoy the things that really matter.

I wrote this post last Friday afternoon ... I am happy to report that I did get to hang over the cushion of the chaise couch in the sunshine and play a game of Fluxx with Ashley.  I think she let me win.

This weekend the fort was dismantled with some help from Daddy and the bag of glass has been disposed of.  As for the crumbs ... they're still there.


  1. Oh no... was that the cross-stitch I made you? I had that happen with the frame for the pic of your family... I bought a new piece of glass at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Hope things slow down for you a little bit!

  2. I so UNDERSTAND! It amazes me how much of what really matters sometimes takes back I really should be hanging out with boys and being silly. I wish I had a couch where my sunshine spot is...that sounds great!! Yes, those pesky chores seem never ending...sounds to me like you got it right and did the best thing!! How kind of hubby to help too. Life is fleeting...thank you for sharing that psalm...boy did I need to hear that!


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