Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Photoshop Here

I recently watched this video regarding the wonders (and deceitfulness) of Photoshop in the media.  It's worth a quick watch ...

Here is the Link on YouTube.

I don't know about you, but after I stopped laughing, I felt a little better about me!  Next time I see the lovely ladies on the covers of the magazines at the checkout line, maybe it won't depress me.

"Maybe she's born with it.   Nah.  I'm pretty sure it's Photoshop."

I will admit that I've been tempted to polish up some my snapshots.  Of the kids.  Just to have a decent picture of my brood.  One where they're all looking.  At the camera.  With their tongues in their mouths.

Last Friday, in honor of the Bronco game on Saturday, the kids dressed in blue and orange in support of their favorite team.  Aaron borrowed a jersey from his cousin while the girls hodge-podged together Halloween shirts and short-sleeved blue shirts.

Just before they headed out the door, I pulled out the camera for a quick picture.  Last September we had captured a fun picture for a similar Spirit Day and it turned out so well ...

Look how cute they are!

I wanted another.

I guess I got greedy.

First, I forgot to flip on the flash.  Hmm ... a little blurry and a little dark.  And we're missing #4.

Okay.  There she is.  Let go of her head, please.  I guess three out of four smiles isn't so bad.

Let's try an action shot.

Do something football-ish.

Okay ... one kid with a faux-football, one cheerleader, one forehead and one ... whatever Norah is doing.

There.  Now we have a real football.  That's a little better.  Norah's still silly.  Ashley is buried there in the back.  And Lydia?  She's the candy-caned blur in the front.  Look here, Weeda.  At the camera.

Oh, for pete's sake!

I guess we'll go with the blurry first one.  Or take a class in Photoshop.  But I don't think even the wonders of Adobé can make this crew look ready for the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Gratefully, even if they are total goofballs on the outside, I know that in the inside they are tender-hearted, compassionate, generous and loving.  And since God is more concerned with their hearts than their snapshot antics, I will be too!

7 The LORD does not look at the things people look at [or their silly eyes or their goofy faces or their crazy poses]. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

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  1. Bahahaha...I had a model friend who used to joke about the fact that she was way under weight and STILL had cellulite on her upper thighs (not much I may add)...also, I have met several famous people or have seen them up close and no they just don't look as perfect as the magazines.
    I think your pictures are perfect just the way they are because you captured who your children are...goofy, sweet, fun and themselves! I am so glad the Lord only judges our inside appearance! Thank you for that reminder. Women are way too hard on themselves.


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