Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Resolve ... Ah! Who Am I Kidding?!

I am a less than victorious resolution keeper.  Like a majority of the population, year after year I make the same vows:  lose weight, get closer to God, learn to clog.  What?  Just me on that last one?  Oh.

Well this year, I have made a list of resolutions I have no hope of keeping.  I figure if I go into 2012 with this honest perspective (read:  low expectations), I won't be disappointed!

Thank you to Liz of a belle, a bean and a chicago dog for her inspiration!

Here are my 12 Goals of 2012 (that won't happen):

1)  Not smiling in my sleep when a night-time visitor chooses Daddy's side of the bed over mine.

2)  Drinking my coffee black.  Aack.  Blech.  Where's.  My.  Tourani.  Syrup?

3)  Dusting my house on a regular basis.  Even in preparation for company coming to visit, this is the last (and typically not accomplished) chore on my list.  I appreciate that our family and friends refrain from writing their names in the accumulation.

4)  Not turning tail and running to my stash of dark chocolate every time my little hoodlums begin to challenge the laws of the land.  There is power in that square (or two) of chocolatey goodness, I tell you.

5)  Maintaining clean windows, inside or out.  The inside ones are almost always smeared with fingers, noses and tongues (both the kids and the dog are guilty here) and the outside ones have that lovely privacy film.  If I clean them, the kids (and dog) test the inside cleanliness with their grimy mitts and if I clean the outside ones, it inevitably rains.  And then Utah blows into town.  What's the point?

6)  Keeping up with all the mementos and "oh, I can't throw that away" treasures, maintaining an organized email inbox or staying ahead of the school papers.  help...

7)  Not obsessing about how I perceive people to regard me.  (Physically, emotionally, spiritually, personally, mentally, comically, grammatically, hygienically, creatively, fashionably, organizationally, etc.)

8)  Keeping my dresser top clear.  Currently it is the home to:  2 unopened packages of plastic darts, 1 package of dart tips, 14 pair-less socks, a cut-out wood block of my name (from my Uncle Jim, 4 million years ago), a few Squirt and Nehi bottles (an inside family joke about my petiteness), a stack of mementos (see #6), dress up beads, 2 bracelets from Noah's Ark Water Park from this summer's vacation, 1 empty zip-lock bag, 1 pillowcase that needs mending, 1 t-shirt to turn into a pillow, "Goodnight Moon" awaiting the bookbinder fairy, a sewing kit, 1 pair of capris to mend, 1 penny, 1 broken girly necklace, the face off of someone's Dollar Store watch, a jewelry box, a handful of ribbons, a gnome figurine from my Nana and a dusty blue vase.

9)  Avoiding a daily trip to Kidzplex for gymnastics.  If you are calling Monday through Friday from between 3:45 and 4:45, please leave a message at the beep.  Beeeep.

10)  Mastering a backside air-to-fakie with a rusty trombone on my new Shaun White snowboard Wii game.  But, I'm willing to put in the hard work and extra practice time to try to do so.

11)  Getting up with the kids before Brett on a weekend morning.  We both know this is an impossibility.

12)  Inadvertently exhausting the height, depth, length or width of God's love.  (Ephesians 3:16-19)  Amen.

And you?  What do you know you won't do this year?

It's liberating to start 2012 with fresh and realistic expectations!

Prompt #5 ~ Resolutions for 2012

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  1. HOLY CRAP THE DRESSER TOP! (wailing) I thought I was the only one! It is HORRRRRRRRRRIBLE! The whole example setting thing for the girls is shot if I don't do something about it like today. I can't even begin to tell you what's up there but I know it includes makeup, two bags of nail polishes, an open box of rubber bands that are threatening to spilil onto the floor, a dirty lamp, a huge jewelry box containing no jewelry b/c the jewelry is on the dresser top, probably some old food. Did I mention it is awful? But. I do want to do something about it. Have you a mini snickers?

  2. I also won't dust much or clean windows in 2012. Glad to know that I am not alone!

  3. #6 Honey, you have a scanner and a camera. I know we've talked about this before... And remember what I told you about your are part Danish and the Danes are the happiest people in the world BECAUSE they set their expectations very low so they are hardly ever disappointed. As for my resolution...I thought I'd try a year where I didn't always have a solution for everything for everybody but as you can see right here...that's not gonna happen : ) love you!

  4. Okay...the windows drive me nuts too, but I don't do them...especially the just seems so pointless! That's why I don't make resolutions either...I don't keep them. I am on a sugar challenge with my in-laws and hubby...we get $500 if we succeed to June 30th. We can one dessert a week...15.00 off if we eat an extra. So far I am doing good.
    OH...and I perceive you as AWESOME!!

  5. I didn't think about keeping my dresser top clean. That's a good one because mine is a scary mess, but now that you said it I have to do it. It will be your fault if I don't achieve this goal. :)

  6. Clog? heehee Sounds fun! I decided not to make resolutions this year, because I always break them---but I have a few "goals." :)
    P.S. My dresser top is always the last thing that gets dusted.


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