Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time-Warp ~ Favorite Family Portrait. Ever.

Growing up, we sat through a variety of family portraits.  We have several snapshots of just us kids, sitting on plush carpet fluff, smiling and posing with perfectly curled hair.  We have the typical montage of school pictures with the typical backdrops.  And the typical terrible hair-dos.  Then there's the one of us three in white and turquoise with the tightly pegged pants and the tightly permed hair.  It's tight.

We have an Old Time portrait from when I was in middle school ... a little pioneer family sitting round the Christmas tree.  It looks authentic: sepia-toned, dresses and hats from that era and a jug of Jack Daniels on my lap (turned so the label didn't show, of course!).

Then we have the portrait sitting from during my senior year.  My dad's parents were out for a visit and to commemorate having us all in the same place, we had a series of pictures taken.  There are several of just us three kids in a variety of poses.  I imagine that there were also several of just the adults and a few other combinations, but of the group, the only one that I truly remember is this one.

Isn't that awesome?

This picture was the beginning of a long-standing joke regarding my brother's ability to be utterly photogenic.  At the drop of the hat.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are apparently oblivious to the camera man.  Or asleep.

Not only do I love this photo, but I love that it's the one that our family chose to print and frame.  In fact, this lovely snapshot hangs in the stairwell of my brother's house.  I think I need to dig up my copy ... it's one of the most photoshop-free photos of our family.  Authentically Nadel. :)


  1. I have these and other photographs of the "Family" which we also covert. Literally 100s of them.
    I still have not been supplied copies of photographs taken on May 16, 1998 by your Mother's brother. Josh allowed us to take pictures of his wedding so we have dozens.
    Thus, can we arrange for a swap?

  2. And when you asked to have that photo printed, the developer double-checked that was the one you really wanted... Love it! :-D He still does that in family photos...
    I may need to post one of my family photos sometime soon... it's a great one!

  3. Still have that tie. And shirt (tho' much more air conditioned). I love that pic too.


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