Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time-Warp Wednesday ~ 365 days ago

For this Time-Warp Wednesday, I scrolled through my iPhoto files in search of some snapshots of the kids ... a few pictures to see how much they've grown in the year.  Here are some wonderful snapshots from almost exactly one year ago ...

Aaron now wears awesome glasses and can lay his head on my shoulder while standing side-by-side, but he has the same stunning smile and brilliant sense of humor.  He made the "Math Wall of Fame" at school and has proudly mastered his multiplication table.  He's his Mommy's little book worm and can most often be found with his nose buried deep in a novel.  What a terrific kid!

Norah grew four inches and gained ten pounds.  She is now modeling some rainbow bling in her little ears and is missing a few extra teeth.   But she's still cartwheeling and practicing her splits ... her flexibility continues!  She is graduating up to the competitive level at gymnastics and she can barely contain her excitement.  She continues to be my super-helper and I love that I can count on Norah to help around the house and with the little people who live here.

Little Ashley isn't so little anymore.  While she is still petite in stature, her heart is ginormous as evidenced by her generous spirit and her servant's heart.  She is loving Kindergarten and surprises even herself with the words she can read.  She happily counts to 100 upon request ... by one's, five's or ten's and she loves gym class and singing in music class.  But she's still our tender-hearted, thumb-sucking, snuggle-bug!  

Lovely Lydia is growing right before our eyes.  This year she graduated from Potty Boot Camp, discovered her fins in her first swim class and became Mommy's little helper with Baby S.  She has grown into quite the conversationalist and she loves to fill us in on all that is happening in her little world ... which is quite a lot!  She is still our dinner time entertainment and she continues to mimic everything she sees her sibling do.  Sometimes that's a joy (washing hands and cleaning up) and sometimes ... not so much (zerberting at the table and yelling, "Stop it!").  Her smile still brightens my day!

So yeah ... it's been a busy year!  But a rich, delightful, satisfying and significant year.

Here's to another 365 days to grown and learn and 
become who God has planned, in advance, for us to be!

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